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15 Fall TV Shows to Watch in 2012

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Monday, Sept. 17, NBC

THIS IS NBC’S attempt at big-budget fantasy drama, with the setting here being a post-apocalyptic future. The world has mysteriously lost power, with all computer-controlled technology inoperative. Set 15 years after the event, Revolution focuses on the Matheson family, whose father believes he has found the cause of the global blackout, and a solution to reactivate the disabled devices. The series follows his family’s struggle to cope in a world without public order, facing the challenges of exposing the cause of the blackout, as well as defending against the powerful militias that have surfaced.

It’s certainly an interesting concept, one NBC is banking on becoming this year’s Lost – though hopefully without the protracted storyline and sense that the writers have no idea what they’re doing. Here’s hoping it matches the relative success of ABC’s mystery drama, and doesn’t follow Heroes and The Event into NBC big-budget obscurity.

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