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CNN host cuts off anti-gay Bryan Fischer for saying things that are ‘just not true’

An anti-gay director of the American Family Association was brought on air to discuss his criticism of “Mix It Up at Lunch Day.” The conversation ended, though, when the show’s host was put off by some terribly misleading claims.

The director, Bryan Fischer, told CNN anchor Carol Costello that the “Mix It Up” program was designed by the Southern Poverty Law Center to promote homosexuality in schools. Costello pointed out that some would say his problem with the program is really about a vendetta that American Family Association has against SPLC. The Southern Poverty Law Center has listed AFA as a groups that promotes hate.

Costello listened to Fischer as he babbled on about “homosexual stormtroopers” working for Adolph Hitler, and his childish claims that SPLC’s was “the bullying … hate group” because they allegedly “want to silence any view [by Christian students] the would criticize the normalization of homosexual behavior.” But she seemed fed up with Fischer’s antics when he made this final claim:

“We know from the CDC and from the FDA — not part of the right wing conspiracy — that homosexual behavior has the same health risks with it as intravenous drug users.”

Costello then cut him off saying: 

“I’m going to end this interview now, sir — I’m sorry — because that’s just not true.”

Bryan Fischer regularly goes on news programs, including his own American Family Radio, to claim that Nazi party originated at a gay bar or that “homosexuals” were especially vicious agents of Hitler. He and his parent organization, the American Family Association, are known for their outlandish, skewed and hateful remarks about the LGBT community. The AFA’s other media divisions include the anti-gay (and misnamed) One Million Moms and the anti-gay One News Now.

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