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Home Is Where the Test Is

OraQuick, the new at-home HIV testing kit, demonstrated by DC's own Sampson

Thinking about using the new rapid home HIV test? Let Sampson show you the ins and outs of OraQuick.

One of the big developments in HIV testing for 2012 has been the introduction of the OraQuick home-testing system, which makes rapid HIV testing available over the counter for personal use. Priced at $39.99 at most drugstores, the question is: How easy and viable is it for actual home use?

Sampson, D.C.’s homegrown gay comic and activist, took the test with Metro Weekly to see just how “quick” and easy the OraQuick in-home HIV test is. 

If you want to get tested for HIV but have any questions, D.C. has many places offering testing and counseling services, including Whitman-Walker Health, SMYAL, Metro TeenAIDS, La Clinica Del Pueblo, among many others. Remember, whether you visit your physician, a local clinic or use a home-test kit, the most important first step you can take when dealing with HIV is to know your status. 

OraQuick, HIV  testing kit, demostration by Sampson