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Television: 31 New Shows for 2013

Fall Arts Preview 2013

The Originals — Another spin-off, this time of The Vampire Diaries. The setting is New Orleans, and centers around the world’s original vampires. Expect more mythology, youth-oriented drama and more impossibly beautiful people than you can shake a stake at. (CW, 10/3)

The Tomorrow People — Yep, more beautiful young people on the CW. Where would we be without their wafer-thin dramas? Admittedly, this has a stronger premise than most. Human evolution results in individuals developing superpowers — called Tomorrow People — and the series follows their struggles to adapt to society and their growing powers. Yes, it’s basically X-Men, but it could be worth a regular watch, much like CW’s Arrow. (CW, 10/9)

Trophy Wife — Another West Wing alum returns to TV! Bradley Whitford stars in a show abo– oh, sod it. This is another show that won’t make it past the first series. A reasonably fresh premise aside — a different modern family, with two ex-wives, a young new wife and various children — Trophy Wife won’t last. Kudos to ABC for pushing the single-camera sitcom, but this series is headed toward a quick network divorce. (ABC, 9/24)

We Are Men – We Are Average. Middle-of-the-road bromance sitcom about spurned men trying to get back into the dating pool. A reasonable cast, inoffensive setting, uninspired jokes and an overall ”meh” feeling. Hey, it’s on CBS so at least it’s not a multi-camera sitcom, right? (CBS, 9/30)

Welcome to the Family – No thanks. I’ve got my own, and they’re much funnier. (NBC, 10/3)

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