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Angry Birds Go! to be the kart racer nobody asked for, everyone will play

Get ready to lose yourself in yet another avian-oriented mobile game — Angry Birds GO! is launching December 11th. The addictive, annoyed birds continue their meteoric rise in popularity with a rather left-of-field concept, launching as a kart racer in the style of Mario Kart.

Available for free on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry 10, Angry Birds Go! will feature fully customizable and upgradeable karts, a variety of game modes, stunt tracks and air circuits, switching planes from 2D to 3D and set on Piggy Island. Further echoing Mario and his racing buddies, it’ll have power-ups and special abilities and a whole host of ways to wreak havoc as you tear round a track.

We can naturally also expect more marketing tie-ins and useless merchandise to launch with the game, but that’s pretty much standard for the now ubiquitous series, which is one of the most successful and lucrative mobile games of all time.

And yes, try as you may to avoid it, you’ll download it December 11th and lose part of a day. Those hot-tempered, feathery fiends are just too addictive.

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