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Dutch study says that children of same-sex couples have higher self-esteem

“By controlling for variables that might otherwise impact child outcomes, this study provides further evidence that raising children in families headed by same-sex couples is not a significant predictor of adolescent-parent relationships or of a child’s psychological adjustment.”

Lesbian couple and kid

Henny Bos, Ph.D., principal investigator of a study that compared 51 Dutch children born to lesbian couples with 51 demographically similar teens from heterosexual parents. The study showed that children born to lesbians reported having higher self-esteem and lower conduct issues than those born to heterosexual couples. Nanette Gartrell, the study’s co-author, told The Huffington Post that the research shows “child and adolescent outcomes have more to do with the quality of parenting than the sexual orientation of the parents.”

Source: The Huffington Post

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