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The Last Word: McKellen on Oscars, Gay Mormon Superheroes and Eva Longoria’s seductive pose

People Say the Queerest Things


Ian McKellen as Magneto from the X-Men series

Ian McKellen, to The Guardian, weighing in on the current controversy surrounding accusations of bigotry at the Academy. McKellen, who has never won an Oscar, noted “how clever” it was that Tom Hanks, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Sean Penn, all straight actors, won for portraying gay men. “What about giving me one for playing a straight man?” he said.

Marcel de Groot, manager of an LGBT counseling center in Berlin, Germany, to NBC News. Several LGBT centers in Germany are creating special shelters for LGBT refugees and migrants.

Eva Longoria (left) and Lara Fabian from the "Imaginary Couples" series by Olivier Ciappa

Eva Longoria and Lara Fabian from “The Imaginary Couples” series by Olivier Ciappa

French artist Olivier Ciappa, explaining his project “The Imaginary Couples,” in which he photographed straight celebrities intimately posing as same-sex couples. Participants included Eva Longoria and Lara Fabian.

Tolerance Equals Peace Poster

–Michael, who claims a “hostile work environment” forced him to resign from a student teacher internship at an Arkansas high school. The trouble started, he alleges, when he put up a poster with a rainbow on it and the slogan, “Tolerance Equals Peace.”

Stripling Warrior 1

Brian Andersen, whose comic book Stripling Warrior features a gay Mormon superhero as its central character, in an interview with The Huffington Post.

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