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Anti-gay activist: STD rates prove homosexuality is bad

Peter LaBarbera points to uptick in syphilis cases as evidence that being gay is "as bad as God said it was"

Peter LaBarbera

Peter LaBarbera

“What a shocker that the behavior that God says is an abomination is vastly disproportionately represented among sexually transmitted diseases.”

–Anti-LGBT activist Peter LaBarbera, of the group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, citing an increase in syphilis cases as evidence that homosexuality is “as bad as God said it was and you can’t change that.”

“Look at homosexuality; God says it’s an abomination,” LaBarbera said. “Well, what a shocker that the behavior that God says is an abomination is vastly disproportionately represented among sexually transmitted diseases. Gee, Mike, what a shocker!”

LaBarbera made the comments in an interview with Mike Heath, an anti-LGBT activist from the group MaineResistance, Right Wing Watch reports. LaBarbera lamented what he believes to be a failure by social conservatives to fight against the LGBT rights movement.

He said that even though groups like the Family Research Council and the American Family Association are good at pushing back against LGBT rights measures when they are proposed, they are less willing to push for anti-LGBT legislation to reverse the progress made on LGBT rights.

“That’s the shame of our movement,” LaBarbera said, claiming God is on the side of anti-LGBT forces. “The homosexual activists behave as if they have the truth. We act as if we’re ashamed of the truth when, in reality, we have the truth.”

LaBarbera, one of the more prominent and singularly-focused anti-LGBT activists, has a long history of anti-gay statements.

He has previously said he believes men choose to be gay to get a “cheap orgasm” rather than become a “real man” by marrying a woman and having children with her.

He has also accused homosexuality of being a “liberal cult” and a “sin movement” that has infiltrated the black community and threatens Christians’ ability to express their faith.

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