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Conservative radio host accuses Clinton of “declaring war” on Christianity

Michael Brown believes that a vote for Clinton for president could threaten religious liberty

Michael Brown - Photo: Dr. Michael L. Brown, via Instagram

Michael Brown – Photo: Dr. Michael L. Brown, via Instagram

“Make no mistake about it. If you are a conservative Christian and Hillary Clinton becomes our next president, she will declare war on certain aspects of your faith.”

–Nationally syndicated radio host Michael Brown, in an editorial for conservative website, arguing that Hillary Clinton’s positions on issues important to religious conservatives make her an unacceptable choice for the presidency.

Brown warns Christians that “your religious liberties will be targeted, and your biblical beliefs will be branded disturbing, if not downright dangerous.”

In the editorial, Brown initially attacks Clinton on her position on abortion, warning that she’ll appoint justices to the U.S. Supreme Court who would support abortion rights. Then, he attacks Clinton’s support for LGBT rights, arguing that her policies would marginalize Christians who oppose same-sex marriage or homosexuality.

“Let’s not forget the pressure Hillary Clinton put on African nations in her 2011 speech in which she made clear that nations across the continent would need to change their policies regarding homosexuality,” Brown writes. “Not surprisingly, there was a major backlash to her speech, with John Nagenda, a senior adviser to Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni, stating, ‘Homosexuality here is taboo, it’s something anathema to Africans, and I can say that this idea of Clinton’s, of Obama’s, is something that will be seen as abhorrent in every country on the continent that I can think of.’

“Can you imagine the kind of pressure Hillary Clinton would put on American Christians who remain opposed to same-sex ‘marriage’ and LGBT activism in our children’s schools?” Brown adds. “After all, if she took it upon herself to tell sovereign African nations what to do, what would she seek to impose on her own country as president?”

He concludes: “So I’ll say it again: Do not be deceived. We already know how a Hillary Clinton administration would view people like you and me. I do understand that many of you cannot find it in yourself to vote for Donald Trump, but whatever you do, do not vote for Hillary Clinton, and please encourage your conservative Christian friends not to vote for her either. To do so is to hand her the tape to gag your mouths and the rope to fasten your hands. You have been forewarned.”

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