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Michele Bachmann believes God helped Trump win to halt trans rights

Bachmann said Trump's victory was a "reprieve" from LGBTQ equality

Michele Bachmann – Photo: Gage Skidmore.

“We know that [Trump’s election] just wasn’t in the natural. This was in the supernatural where God sovereignly, I believe, answered the prayers of believers.”

–Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann, speaking on End Times radio, Right Wing Watch reports. Bachmann, discussing the 2016 election, said that God had intervened to ensure President Trump’s victory and offer a “reprieve” from LGBTQ equality — transgender rights in particular.

“I think the American people said, ‘enough,’ and I think they recognized that this was the last exit ramp for the country,” Bachmann said.

She slammed the Obama administration’s guidance — which Trump has since revoked — instructing schools across the country to allow trans students to use facilities that match their gender identity.

“The president of the United States on his own just issued a sheet of paper and said, overnight, every single public school in the country would have to have the girls’ bathrooms open to the boys and the boys’ bathrooms open to the girls, and the girls’ shower rooms would be open and accessible to the boys,” she said.

Jan Markell, host of the show Bachmann was appearing on, said that Trump was positioned to stop the “sin agenda.”

“When you have the White House lit with the colors of the gay rainbow…I think that was a low point for a lot of people,” Markell said, “and it just seemed like every perversion, including this transgender obsession, was just being celebrated. I think God said, ‘Enough.’”

Bachmann’s anti-LGBTQ attitudes have long been noted. Earlier this year, she said that she hopes Trump will reverse the “evil” gay rights “agenda.

When then-Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer vetoed an anti-gay bill in 2014, Bachmann was “sorry” it had failed.

Back in 2011, when she was considering a run for president, she said she “probably would” reinstate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. That same year, Bachmann was confronted by children and asked about LGBTQ rights and same-sex marriage, which led to her delivering a stunningly ignorant response.

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