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The Boys of Bridge

Local clubs offer social and duplicate Bridge games on alternating weeks.

“Back in junior college, I used to play double-deck pinochle and some people I knew played bridge, but I never got a chance to, because there never seemed to be enough people to get a game going,” says Tim Holtz. “I couldn’t play, but I wanted to for quite a while. Then, as an adult, I got a computer game that taught me how to play. I eventually found the Tom Davoren and Lambda Bridge clubs through a social network about 23 years ago.”

The Tom Davoren Social Club, which plays social bridge, and the Lambda Bridge Club, which plays duplicate bridge, meet on alternating Wednesdays at the Dignity Center, across from the Marine Barracks in Southeast D.C. While open to everyone, both clubs have a majority gay male membership.

The clubs are not the best place for beginners, however. Holtz, who runs the clubs, recommends that newcomers attend an event just to watch until they get the gist of the game. He also suggests looking at online resources, including those made available through the American Contract Bridge League’s website.

“We don’t really give people training. But if someone’s learning how to play, they’re welcome to come and watch us. Then, once they’re ready, they can join in.”

The Tom Davoren Social Bridge Club meets on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at the Dignity Center, 721 8th St. SE. The Lambda Bridge Club meets for Duplicate Bridge on the second and fourth Wednesdays, also at the Dignity Center. For more information, call Tim Holtz at 301-345-1571.

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