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DC Row transforms rowing into a satisfying full-body workout

D.C.'s newest fitness studio is about more than just exercise

DC Row

“Rowing is more than just an exercise, it’s a lifestyle,” says Brittany Bunch, studio manager of DC Row, D.C.’s first-of-its-kind indoor fitness studio solely dedicated to rowing.

The studio, located on the Wharf in Southwest D.C., houses 20 water rowing machines that simulate the resistance you would feel if you were outside on the Potomac. But DC Row isn’t only about repeatedly pulling a crossbar to your chest. In between sets, instructors guide rowers through stretches, exercises, crunches, and modified push-ups using the seat of the machine. When you return to the rower, you’ll work through a series of exercises targeting areas including the triceps, biceps, legs, and obliques, to ensure you get a full-body workout.

“You can lose up to 800 calories in a 50-minute session,” Bunch says. “It’s very good for people with arthritis or osteoporosis, because it’s very low-impact on your limbs and ligaments. It boosts cardiovascular health, releases endorphins, which boosts mood, and induces excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, which allows your body to burn calories after you work out.”

DC Row offers three morning classes, two mid-day classes, and three evening classes during weekdays, and four morning and three afternoon classes on weekdays. Each class costs $35, though there’s discounted “packs” ranging from 3 classes for $100 to 30 classes for $900. “Some of those numbers may seem like a lot,” Bunch says, “but it’s about the investment that you put into your health.”

DC Row also offers opportunities for individuals to get 1-on-1 training or small group instruction, including corporate team building events or wedding bootcamps.

“We’re a mixed level [studio], so our instructors will make modifications for those who aren’t as physically fit,” Bunch says. “We have an emphasis on form, so you don’t have to go fast to get an effective workout. The more form-centric you are, the more isolated you are in your motions, the better the exercise will be for you.”

DC Row is located at 790 Maine Ave. SW. For more information, or to purchase a pack of classes, call 202-683-4055, visit, or email

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