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Wednesday, Oct. 23, 7 p.m.
JCC Theatre, $9


With local filmmaker Joan E. Biren at the wheel and lesbian legends Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon on the big screen, No Secret Anymore can’t go wrong. Unfortunately, how it all turns out is, well, still a secret — the review copy of the film turned out to be a short and captivating preview of a work still in progress. But JEB promises to have the full-length piece done in time for its Reel Affirmations play date, and from the short portion we saw, viewers won’t be disappointed.

No Secret Anymore

Martin and Lyon, along with their contemporaries and those whose lives they touched through their activism, make for perfect documentary subjects. Asked how they’ve stayed together nearly fifty years, Lyon says simply and sweetly, "It has something to do with love." People who tend to shy away from documentaries should catch this one — Martin and Lyon are a vital part of every lesbian’s history. And for those who don’t care to dwell in the past, they provide an excellent role model for relationships, for activism and for heroism. — KC