Metro Weekly


Saturday, Oct. 19, 6 p.m.
Goethe Institut, $9


Rosa von Praunheim’s documentary about four drag artists who have become institutions in Germany is this year’s acquired taste of the festival: You’ve gotta like ’em long and rambling and, inevitably, pointless. Still, the four drag queens — Tima, Ovo, Ichgola and Bev — who share their views on everything from fashion to living with HIV to the joys of public restrooms, are naturally funny, vastly creative men (a point drummed home repeatedly by von Praunheim’s inclusion of video footage from one of their popular drag shows and from select scenes from the director’s earlier movies, The Einstein of Sex and I am My Own Woman, in which several of the "girls" starred). If only the movie were a half-hour shorter, it would be near bearable, but at 90-minutes, Queens Don’t Lie is tantamount to being whipped with a Bratwurst: It bludgeons you into a near-catatonic state. Bring Red Bull. — RS