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Tricky Dicks

Puppetry of the Penis at The Rosslyn Spectrum

Puppetry of the Penis marks the latest evolution in appendage exploitation — and the male member will never be the same. The show is simple, with no intentions of doing anything but illustrating the myriad shapes a man’s genitals can bend, fold and otherwise flop into. Co-creator David Friend and fellow penis practitioner Simon Bradley take turns twisting their twigs and berries into everything from hamburgers and helicopters to — gulp! — a g-string.

The action moves quickly between the dynamic duo, whose comic timing is sharp and on the mark. As one puppeteer sets up for his next “installation,” the other preps the audience with a series of shamelessly funny yet downright bad jokes. Although both men are amply endowed (in a flaccid state, no less), size doesn’t play as big a factor as one might imagine. The stretching and pulling of the penis (as well the scrotum) is an admirable feat of yogic proportions. The creations are projected on a large screen behind the pair so everyone in the audience can get a good looksee.

The “installations ” move along at a brisk, tireless pace. Moreover, Friend and Bradley are well aware that even a penis without a point can become a dull plaything. Trick by trick the duo chip away at any “member mystique ” audience members might be hanging on to.

The show is a charm, never losing sight of the unorthodox entertainment that is “the ancient art of genital origami. ” The puppeteers go to great lengths to stretch any expectations of what a penis can be used for.

Puppetry of the Penis demystifies manhood by putting the once recalcitrant out in the open and showing what a versatile performer it can be. As if we didn’t already know that.

Through Sunday, August 24 at The Rosslyn Spectrum, 1611 North Kent Street, in Arlington (Metro Stop: Rosslyn). Tickets are $38.50-$42.50. Visit, or call 202-432-SEAT.