Metro Weekly

Entertainment Main Stage

The following is a partial listing of entertainers and speakers scheduled to appear on the Capital Pride Mainstage at 3rd and Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Sunday, June 13. Performances begin at 11:30am and end at 6pm. Please note: performers, times and schedule subject to change.

11:30 EMCEE: Sheila Reid
11:45 The Outskirts of Town
12:05 Kristie Stremel
12:20 Drag Kings
12:35 Mr. & Ms. Capital Pride Presentation
12:37 Mr. Capital Pride Performances
12:40 Ms. Capital Pride Performances
12:43 Moment of Silence
12:46 Steal Pier Sinners
12:56 Sean Wiggins
1:21 Drag Kings
1:31 Sister Funk
1:46 Parade Winners Announcement
1:56 9BobNOTE
2:00 EMCEE: Paul J. Williams
2:11 Ella Fitzgerald
2:31 Moe Loughran
2:46 DC Cowboys
3:06 delphinium blue featuring kenny taos
3:31 Faith Temple
3:41 Cheryl Hill
3:56 Wes Culwell
4:00 EMCEE: Lavenia L. Walters
4:01 Robert York, Director of Capital Pride
4:04 Cornelius Baker, Executive Director of WWC
4:07 Jonathan & BCV
4:09 Introduction of Pride Committee
4:12 Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, D.C.
4:37 Liquid Pie
4:57 Namoli Brennet
5:07 Melissa Ferrick
5:27 Ari Gold
5:42 Simone Denny
5:52 Sophie B. Hawkins