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Art Gallery Preview

2005 Fall Arts Preview

Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
1050 Independence Ave., SW

Gold: The Asian Touch — The influence of gold in Asian art, this exhibit contains 47 luxurious objects grouped according to the methods used to make them, including hammering into sheets, foil or leaf, soldering or grinding into powder to make paint (now through 2/19/06)… Floating Mountains, Singing Clouds — A site-specific installation by Chinese-American artist Mei-ling Hom, includes 30 cloud-like forms and an original Chinese flute (xiao) composition by American composer Eli Marshall to create a landscape-in-space that translates traditional Chinese landscape paintings into the contemporary register of installation art (now through 3/5/06)…

Arts Club of Washington
2017 I St., NW

Sophie Curtil and Milos Cvach — Works on paper (now through 10/1)…

Bead Museum
400 7th St., NW

The External Bead — Featuring beaded masterpieces from U.S collectors, ”The Eternal Bead” explores how beads figure into humanity’s essential activities — accounting, acquiring, belief, celebration, creation, enjoyment, identity and protection. The Eternal Bead’s central showpiece is the stunning eye bead, a symbol of protection throughout time (now through March 2006)… The Tiny Mighty Bead — Explores the origin of seed beads, their influence through use and trade, as well as the artistry of both traditional and contemporary examples (opens April 2006)…

1730 Connecticut Ave., NW

JULEE HOLCOMBE — ”Homo Bulla (man is a bubble), a series of digitally manipulated contemporary photographic images creating elegant compositions with exacting visual and iconographic details evocative of the style and spirit of Renaissance master paintings (now through 10/22)… MARY COBLE — Note to Self, contact blood prints made during a live performance at the gallery on Sept. 2 in which over 100 names of murdered GLBT hate-crime victims were continuously inscribed all over her body, using a tattooing needle without ink. Blood prints were made on paper after the tattooing of each name (now through 10/22)… Wayne Gonzales — New paintings (11/4-12/17)… Dean Kessmann — Plastic on paper (1/4-1/31/06)…

Corcoran Gallery of Art
500 17th St., NW

William MacLeod: Painter and Curator — A select number of paintings by the Corcoran’s first curator. Included are excerpts from his personal journals covering his time in Washington during the city’s growth (now through 11/7)… Loop — A multi-sensory visual art and music installation commissioned specifically for the Corcoran’s 46th Biennial Exhibition Media/Metaphor by internationally known media artist Jennifer Steinkamp and renowned electronic composer Jimmy Johnson (now through 11/7)… Encouraging American Genius: Master Paintings from the Corcoran Gallery of Art — More than 85 canvases selected from the museum’s rich holdings (now through 1/2/06)… Warhol Legacy: Selections from The Andy Warhol Museum — Featuring more than 150 paintings, photographs, drawings, sculptures, works on paper and films from the renowned permanent collection of The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh (9/24-2/20/06)… Sam Gilliam: A Retrospective — Described as the most prominent African-American abstract painter, Sam Gilliam achieved widespread acclaim in the late 1960s and early 1970s. This is the first full-scale retrospective of this important American artist, the most extensive presentation of the artist’s career to date (10/15-1/22/06)… Picturing the Banjo — Explores how the banjo has been portrayed in paintings, drawings, photographs and other artifacts dating from the 18th century through the present (12/10-3/6/06)…

Foundry Gallery
1314 18th St., NW

JoAnn Clayton Townsend — A former colorist simplifies her work in this show of new paintings entitled ”Darks and White” (10/6-10/30)…

Freer Gallery of Art
Jefferson Drive at 12th Street, SW

Games, Contests and Artful Play in Japan — Paintings and period objects (now through 10/23)…

Gallery Neptune
4808 Auburn Ave
Bethesda, Md.

Jumping Through Hoops — New drawings by Scott G. Brooks (now through 10/1)… FEMME — Works by Jeanne Beebe, Elyse Harrison, Elizabeth Hoff and Joyce Zipperer (10/6-10/29)…

Gallery plan B
1530 14th St., NW

Rod Glover — ”Levitations,” new works in acrylic (now though 10/30)… Year End Group Show — Paintings in various medium and photography from existing and newer gallery artists (11/2-12/31)… Journeys from Home — Featuring paintings by Nena Gonzalez Thayer, Sheep Jones, Eleanor Kotlarik Wang and Beverly Ryan (1/11-2/26/06)…

The Gallery at Results the Gym
315 G St., SE
1612 U St., NW

Pauline Lorfano & Betty Ganley — Watercolors (G Street, now through 11/15)… DIVERSE IMPRESSIONS – 4 FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHERS — Rona Eisner, Antonia Macedo, Sheila Meyer, and Kay Springwater (G Street, 11/15-1/15/06)… Revolving Exhibit — Showcasing gay artists from the Dupont/Logan areas (U Street, now through Spring, 2006)…

Govinda Gallery
1227 34th St., NW

Donovan: Sapphographs — Sappho-inspired photo collages by Donovan ”Mellow Yellow” Leitch (9/23-11/12)…

Hemphill Fine Arts
1515 14th St., NW

Renee Stout — Fragments of a Secret Life (now through 10/29)… Joseph Mills — Anarch Angel (now through 10/29)… William Willis — paintings and works on paper (11/5-12/23)… Mary Early — Sculpture (11/5-12/23)…

Kathleen Ewing Gallery
1609 Connecticut Ave., NW

ANDERSON & LOW: ATHLETE/WARRIOR — Jonathan Anderson and Edwin Low traveled to three of the most prominent military academies in the United States and documented young men and women both in uniform and as competitive athletes (now through 10/29)…

Marsha Mateyka Gallery
2012 R St., NW

Susan Eder/Craig Dennis — New photographs (now through 10/1)…

National Museum of African Art
950 Independence Ave., SW

African Art Now — Masterpieces from the Jean Pigozzi Collection, organized by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (11/16-2/26/06)…

National Gallery of Art

Pieter Claesz: Master of Haarlem Still Life — One of the most important Dutch still-life painters of the 17th century, this exhibition showcases 25 still lifes from all phases of his career (9/18-12/31)… Audubon’s Dream Realized: Selections from The Birds of America — Forty-seven of the artist’s hand-colored etchings selected from the gallery’s early edition of the publication, The Birds of America (9/25-4/2/06)… Nicholas Nixon: The Brown Sisters, Thirty Years — Beginning in 1975 Boston-based photographer Nicholas Nixon has made one photograph each year of his wife, Beverly (Bebe) Brown, and her three sisters. Nixon takes the photographs under deliberate constraints: the sisters are always positioned in the same order, and recorded in black-and-white film with a large eight-by-ten-inch camera positioned at the subjects’ eye level. The resulting 30 photographs together create one of the most compelling investigations of portraiture and time in contemporary photography (11/13-2/20/06)…

National Building Museum
401 F St., NW

Jewish Washington: Scrapbook of an American Community — In 1795, shortly after the site of the nation’s capital was selected, the first Jew arrived in the new federal district of Washington. Over the next two centuries, he was followed by tens of thousands of Jews, all of whom have become a part of the history that this exhibition chronicles. Their lives and deeds tell a unique story of both a hometown and a capital city (now through 1/8/06)… Liquid Stone: New Architecture in Concrete — Exploring innovative contemporary projects, products, and technologies that demonstrate the versatility and potential beauty of concrete (now through 1/29/06)…

Nevin Kelly Gallery
1517 U St., NW

Dylan Scholinski: ”sent(2)mental” — Paintings and drawings with a thematic overview of gender identity issues and mental health (now through 10/2)… Roswitha Huber — Abstract expressionist paintings (11/5-11/31)…

The Phillips Collection
1600 21st St., NW

Sean Scully: Wall of Light — Scully combines formal traditions of European painting with the distinctly American abstract tradition. This exhibit, featuring more than 40 paintings, builds from the artist’s memory of light and shadow playing on ancient Mayan ruins, and his exploration of surface texture and abstract forms evokes a range of emotional and narrative themes (10/22-1/8/06)…

The Octagon
1799 New York Ave., NW

The Initiated Eye: Secrets, Symbols, Freemasonry and the Architecture of Washington, D.C. — Featuring 20 original paintings by history painter Peter Waddell, the exhibition brings to light the little-known role that Freemasons have played in American architectural history (in the Octagon, now through 12/31)… Landmarks of New York — The exhibition celebrates the 40th anniversary of the passage of the New York City Landmarks Law, which preserves buildings, properties and objects with unique character or special historical or aesthetic value as part of the development of the cultural fabric of the city, state or nation. New York boasts 1,116 landmarks, 104 interior landmarks, 9 scenic landmarks and 82 historic districts. (In the AIA Headquarters Gallery, now through 10/14)…

The Ralls Collection
1516 31st St., NW

Melinda Stickney-Gibson — New paintings by the New York-based artist whose emotionally charged, abstract expressionist work is distinguished by the vitality of her brushstrokes and dense, multi-faceted color…

Strathmore Hall Arts Center
10701 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, Md.

”12” — Works by Linda Bankerd, Jill Cantrill, Beth Cartland, Lee Casey, Rose Nygaard, and seven other gifted women (now though 10/15)… Kaleidoscope Reflections — 20th anniversary exhibition (now thorugh 10/15)…

Studio Gallery
2108 R St., NW

Dominique Samyn-Werbrouck — ”Sunshine Express,” paintings (now through 10/7)… Langley Spurlock and John Martin Tarrat — In ”Secrets of the Elements,” painting, sculpture, collage, photography and digital print meet the 118 elements of the periodic table and encounter a three-to-five line haiku moment along the way (10/5-10/30)…

The Textile Museum
2320 S St., NW

Gods and Empire: Huari Ceremonial Textiles — During the 7th and 8th centuries, the Hurari Empire conqured a vast area of what now constitutes modern day Peru. This exhibit features 12 tapestry-woven objects drawn from the museum’s extensive collection of Huari textiles. Colorful and distinctive (now through 1/15/06)… Silk & Leather: Splendid Attire of 19th-Century Central Asia — Features different types of garments and accessories worn by the ruling class and urban and nomadic elites of the region which today encompasses Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and part of Kazakhstan. The exhibition includes seven stunning coats as well as children’s clothing and accessories such as hats, boots, belts, pig tail covers, purses, pouches and veils. The 38 objects featured in the exhibition are drawn from The Textile Museum’s holdings as well private collections (now through 2/26/06)… Rozome Masters of Japan — Features the work of 15 contemporary Japanese artists and includes folding screens, scrolls, panels and kimono all created using rozome, a wax-resist dyeing technique unique to Japan. The exhibition is complemented by a selection of Japanese textiles from The Textile Museum’s own collections (10/14/05-2/26/06)…

Washington Printmakers Gallery
1732 Connecticut Ave., NW

Jean Barnes Downs: Earthprints — A solo exhibition of monoprints, monotypes and linocuts (10/4-10/30)…

Zenith Gallery
413 7th St., NW

Food, Glorious Food — A delectable group show featuring works concerning the glory of food (now through 9/30)… Into the Minds of Nine — A group show featuring works by nine artists, including Renee duRocher, Bradley Stevens and Paul Wolff (now through 10/16)… Wayne Trapp — Recent paintings and sculpture (10/21-11/27)… Connected — A solo exhibit by Drew Ernst (12/2-1/9/06)…