Metro Weekly


January 11-17, 2007

Heavenly Round-Up: Evaluate your options; reassess your standing inventory. You’re ready to consider the aesthetic — and economic — consequences of your choices. Across these deep thoughts cuts the recognition that reality may well be an illusion. Can you take your responsibilities and actions seriously whilst keeping the transient nature of existence before you? Your faith will be tested by fire, and your desirous nature transformed into a deeper, more compassionate expression of your soul.

Aries: It could be all about the hard work. It could be all about the metaphysical suffering. It could be all that and darker. Or you could pull up your socks and get on with marketing away your present pile of manure. Respect your limitations, and those of others come Sunday.

Taurus: You’re glad to be over the first hump, but you can see that you’ve got a bumpy ride coming up. Fasten your seatbelt and tighten your chin strap, you’re ready to go the distance. You’ve got the stamina, the control and the chops to pull off the execution with finesse.

Gemini: It isn’t that dark and stormy a night, but through your goth lenses everything is a little expressionist around the edges. If you’re determined to play Hamlet, learn the lines. If you’re intent on poison, read the treatises. If you want change, start the ball rolling.

Cancer: While your home life takes on an apocalyptic tint, you find there’s plenty to celebrate elsewhere in your days and nights. If it’s not your responsibility to fix what’s broken, then who will take up the slack? Delegate with care, work in tandem, get all the facts before going.

Leo: Patience cultivated in the depth of winter carries more gravitas than other sorts. Pretend you’re standing at the edge of the ice hole, harpoon poised for the cast. Get in touch with your inner hunter — you can’t be in a hurry if you want to be successful. Consult with an Aries.

Virgo: You’ve been in a state of outer turmoil long enough. Change comes from within, if you want enough order to start organizing the angels that have been dancing on the head of your pin. Is it a union you’re forming? Or a dance troupe? Or something altogether unique?

Libra: Simplicity could be the last place you look for the peace of mind that you’ve lost. Try to cut back, refrain and reorder when it comes to your latest indulgences. There’s some new perspective right around the corner, but you’ll have to get out there and look for it. Punt.

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Scorpio: If there are no accidents, and you are the agent of your own becoming, why do you have that stunned look on your face? Isn’t this what you chose (however stealthily)? Come clean with yourself so that you can face others with your usual impunity. Bring generosity.

Sagittarius: You’ve believed impossible things before breakfast. You’ve brought smiles to the faces of those who most needed them. You’ve been the ideal scout. But you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, n’est-ce pas? Don’t despair; breakthrough arrives on Sunday.

Capricorn: Be it ever so humble, the home you keep in your heart is the real one, no matter what else happens or where you may be. You have certitude to spare, so use your convictions to further the causes that mean the most to your heart. You’ll see a reward soon.

Aquarius: Licit endeavors lead perversely to illicit pleasures. You’re not usually like that. You try to lead a more refined, civilized life than that. Go ahead and roll in it, for once. You can always cleanse your soul when you get back to your rational self. Leave clean-up to a Taurus.

Pisces: You’re filled with a vibration so fine that it might be light and not sound. Confused? That’s fair. You can’t remember ever feeling quite this way. Are you more in tune with the music of the spheres? Or is that the harmony of your own soul filling your heart? Reflect.