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Scholarship to benefit gay student athletes

Greg Campbell was attending a gay-straight alliance meeting at Wakefield High School in Arlington, where he teaches math and coaches swimming, when he came to a realization about young gay and lesbian athletes.

”It dawned on me [that] I have a lot of seniors that graduate… who are gay, and have been active in the GSA, or they’ve played some sport… and there really has never been a scholarship for students like that,” he says.

Campbell, a swimmer with the D.C. Aquatics Club, decided to share the idea with other members of Team D.C., an umbrella organization for gay sport teams in the metropolitan Washington area.


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Team D.C. President Brent Minor says a portion of the proceeds from the group’s March 31 fashion show at Cobalt, which includes clothing from the Leather Rack and Universal Gear, will go toward the scholarship. Organizers hope to raise $1,000 for the scholarship, which the group plans to institute next year.

”That’s where we are in the step process, what we’re doing right now,” Campbell says, also noting that Team D.C. is working on the legal aspects of providing a scholarship, including developing the process by which it will be awarded. Team D.C. members are developing criteria for the scholarship, including application requirements.

”We have to figure out [whether] it’s just going to be given to GLBT students, or individuals who are both straight and gay [and] participate in the GSA.” For more information visit