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Capital Pride Community Partners

A Special Section of the 2007 Capital Pride Guide

Together we can. Together we will.

The theme for this year’s Capital Pride is an appropriate one — the movement for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights only move forward with combined efforts of all the members of the community.

And, just the same, Capital Pride itself can only grow bigger and stronger when the community comes together and says, ”We can and we will.”

The 2007 Capital Pride celebration marks a new day in the 31-year history of the event, as 14 Community Partners come together to share in the planning and implementation of a community’s celebration.

Each organization that devoted its time and resources has been invaluable to making the 2007 Capital Pride a reality, as well as the individuals who make each of those organizations and vibrant and vital part of our community.

On the following pages, meet each of the Community Partners that have made Capital Pride a reality.

Together they could. Together they did.