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No Endorsement from Stein Club

No majority reached by DC GLBT Democratic Club

Members of Washington’s Gertrude Stein Democratic Club were unable to reach a majority vote in selecting a candidate to endorse for the 2008 presidential elections at a Jan. 14 meeting.

”A candidate needs to get at least 60 percent of the votes,” says Mario Acosta-Velez, president of the club. ”No one did, and we did not go on to a runner up vote.”

A breakdown of the votes placed New York Sen. Hillary Clinton in the lead with 38 votes (51 percent), followed by Illinois Sen. Barack Obama with 31 votes (41 percent). North Carolina Sen. John Edwards got 4 votes, Delaware Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. got two, and Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich received none.

”Whoever gets the nomination, the club will support,” Acosta-Velez says. ”But as of now we just simply have no endorsement on the presidential race and members will continue supporting the candidates they currently support.”

The Stein Club meets again on Monday, Feb. 11.