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Star Signs for Pride Week

Heavenly Round Up: There is chaos under heaven and the situation is excellent! Surely those words make this a day to remember, a day to go down in annals and scrapbooks alike. If ever there were a time when you might run into the vividly remembered remnants of all the flotsam and jetsam of your former current existences, this would be it. You are here with a big red arrow, but not with a vengeance. You only want to promote the siblinghood of all persons. And you shall! Wear rainbows.

Aries: You won’t have to delve deep to find what matters to you. You won’t have to search your soul to know what your message and your goals are. You won’t have to talk long and loud to make yourself understood — sometimes a speaking glance is more than enough. Leap.

Taurus: Inside and out you’re abuzz with the zeitgeist. The sensation is so intense that you’re afraid you’ll have a reaction — hives, say. But don’t despair, and don’t over-internalize. Reach out and rejoice. You’ll have the good fortune you deserve if you can just get out the door.

Gemini: Give yourself to the moment. Give yourself to exchange. Stand at any crossroads and feel the nature of your tutelary deity course through you. Sell, buy, trade, gossip and make the most of those immutable energies. Late in the day, you find a mysterious stranger. Help.

Cancer: You don’t mind the heat. You’re cozy in the kitchen of public discourse. You’re engaged in making the future now, up in it past your eyebrows. Don’t shilly-shally or make excuses. You’re in the right place at the right time, and you can feel it. Spread the love well.

Leo: Get out and mingle. Lose yourself in the crowds. Make yourself one with the masses. They’re reflecting your mode and your mood alike. You’ll stand out just enough to catch the attention of that cutie just across the street. If you could get there before it all changes….

Virgo: Time is on your side, but only if you don’t waste it. Use the whole day carefully. Don’t let the schedule be a tyrant, but don’t linger anywhere too long, either. Like a shark, you need to keep moving to maintain your mojo. Organize others at your own risk. Laugh aloud.

Libra: Is it destiny? Or serendipity? Maybe it’s a combination of the two. You’re lucky enough that it might rub off on those around you. Your natural grace and general good nature are your best assets. Don’t get on your high horse — it’s too much trouble to get back down again.

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Scorpio: It’s not as easy as it looks to be so intense all the time. So take the day off. There’s so much intensity not of your making in crowds like these: you’ll be in your element from the moment you get where you’d like to start going from. Only the brave deserve the fair, right?

Sagittarius: Who dropped the nickel in you today? You’re all wound up and ready to take over the known universe at the drop of a hint of consensus. Could you channel all that fearsome wanting into something containable by the mere mortals with whom you are surrounded?

Capricorn: It’s not the end of the world. It’s not a clean slate. It’s a day outside the calendar. It’s a day for reconnecting to friends, community and conscience. It’s also a day to have fun. A day to get sunburned. A day to eat street festival food. Get out there with a lighter heart.

Aquarius: If it were good for you, through and through, it would be a big disappointment. You don’t want anything too improving. Unless it were the political climate. But climate change takes a while. You’ll have to wait on plate tectonics and settle for more dancing.

Pisces: You’ve been your own person for a while now. But this is a day that calls out for you to make yourself part of a group. It doesn’t have to be the same crowd all day long. Shift and merge as your whimsy takes you. Be someone different with everyone you meet. Develop.

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