Life in Real Time

From personal to political, DC's gay and lesbian bloggers live their lives online

The revolution came and it was blogged.

Since the advent of personal blogs as an internet phenomenon, the new media format has literally changed the face of traditional media. Newspapers large and small fill their home pages with bloggers. Television shows augment their content with star blogging. Political conventions, once the exclusive domain of old-line journalism, have opened their doors to the on-line world.

While blogging may have gone mainstream, it still offers a haven for everything from the intensely personal to the compellingly irrelevant.

D.C. plays home to a plethora of gay and lesbian bloggers who bring their own perspectives to local life to national news — and everything in between.

Washington DC gay and lesbian bloggers
Terrance Heath
The Republic of T

John Aravosis

Andrew Sullivan
The Daily Dish

Jim Barrett

Mike Rogers
Page One News Media

Doug Rule is a theater critic and contributing editor for Metro Weekly.

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