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DC Ice Breakers

Share the rink with gay ice skaters in Ballston

You don’t have to be a pro to get in the rink with the DC Ice Breakers, a GLBT skating group that meets bi-monthly on Wednesdays in Arlington at the Kettler Capitals Iceplex inside the Ballston Common Mall. After joining, I soon found myself on the ice, holding out my arms to balance, and moving my feet back and forth to gain speed. When I felt like I was losing control, the wall at the edge of the rink was more than happy to lend me support. Still, it was only a matter of time until a friendly DC Ice Breaker would skate to my rescue and encourage me to keep on practicing. It might be hard to tell who’s a member of the DC Ice Breakers, as the rink is shared with several other groups. But the group tries to make it easy by providing nametags for each of its members. If you’re already a pro and decide to join, you’ll get your chance to show off your triple axles during one of the ambient interludes as the lights go down, the disco ball shines and Journey and other big-hair bands of the ’80s blare. But whether pro or newbie, you will have fun. The fact that I — definitely a newbie — managed to remain upright for the duration should encourage anyone with reservations about hitting the ice. And the party doesn’t end when the skates come off. After an hour of skating, the DC Ice Breakers gather for a late dinner, dessert or drinks. Skating at the rink costs $8. Add another $3 if you need to rent a pair of skates. Prepare for your rendezvous at the rink by first visiting