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April 29-May 4, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: There’s a lot of ”can’t,” ”won’t” and ”shouldn’t” in the air just now. Is it that everyone is overwhelmed? Is it that too much is changing too quickly? Is it that there’s more than one hidden agenda in every room? Oh, all that and more. Wisdom dictates waiting on the sticky time to evanesce. Necessity speaks more loudly, clearly and with an imperative tone in her unforgettable voice. Do as you must. Do what you must. Do only as much as you can survive doing twice.

Aries: Your dreams are getting more vivid as your daily grind gets more repetitive and rote. Will spending more time in bed get you what you want? Will it get you where you need to be? Will it get you free of what you can barely tolerate a second longer? Re-strategize.

Taurus: You’ve been up the road and down the road. You’ve carried more water than a battalion of Gunga Dins. You’ve done your damnedest, but you can’t save people from the fate they court with that degree of assiduity. Till and weed your own garden first on Sunday.

Gemini: If you keep your eyes shut, you won’t know where you’re going. You won’t know whom you’re with. You won’t know how to get back. And you’ll have plausible deniability. Is that the most you hope to gain from this defensive posture? Is there no offensive measure?

Cancer: No one questions how much work you put in thus far. No one questions your devotion to the cause. No one questions your ”buy-in” status. But there are lots of questions about your preparedness. There are questions about your understanding. And your finesse.

Leo: Better the devil you know, they say. But what about the devil you haven’t met as of yet? Who says the known horrors are the better path to walk at all times? Throw caution and wisdom to the winds. It’s time to open up a can of ”I will if I want to, so there!” Walk it.

Virgo: It’s not your fault, but you look guilty as hell from the outside of the situation. It’s not your baby, but someone’s got to watch it. It’s not your project, but it needs direction and you have vision. So step in, step up and step onto the sacred ground. You will bring it on.

Libra: Uncomfortable is not the same as unable. You can play outside the comfort zone to good effect this cycle. You can learn, apply and outstrip expectations. You can do this with a smile on your face. The song in your heart is a mean one, but it’s got a good beat.

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Scorpio: If it were simple, you would have lost interest already. If it were quick, you would be done and bored by now. If it were predictable, you would have called the outcomes and left. So here you are. Stop whining and get on with making it shine. Use elbow grease.

Sagittarius: You had fun. You had a lot of fun. Now you’re going to pay the piper, and pay in kind. It’s not the end of the world to have to share the good times around. You’re the cruise director now. You’re the one deciding how, when and with what. Believe in yourself.

Capricorn: Destiny wears a shiny bow to get your attention across a crowded room this weekend. Will you ditch all that you’ve built thus far in order to make a miracle out of the mud pies you have before you? Will you listen to treason and act on a whisper of rumor?

Aquarius: You are as you were. This used to be enough. Now you are called upon to transcend your personal best and to bring all that you have and all that you’ve wanted to the table. The stakes are high and you can’t keep count. You’ll have to use smarts and patience.

Pisces: It wasn’t what you felt at the time that acted as the fulcrum of your betrayal. It wasn’t what you said, or did or thought. If it wasn’t you, how will you take the blame? If it wasn’t you, where will you go to prove your innocence? You can walk free if you choose to.