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Coverboy: Will

Will isn’t upset about being newly single. ”We just realized we weren’t in the same place,” he says. And he means it, literally — it was a long-distance relationship that wasn’t working. The 21-year-old who lives Towson, Md., spends his days focusing on school as a senior at Towson University studying business and marketing. When he’s not hitting the books, Will likes to take part in anything athletic. He’s a big fan of running, surfing, swimming and rugby. When hanging out with friends in D.C., Will can be found at Nellie’s. ”I love meeting new people,” he says. ”I’m pretty easygoing.”

What’s on your nightstand?
A picture of my family and friends, GQ and my finance book.

What’s in your nightstand drawer?
I don’t think there’s anything in my nightstand drawer. I keep condoms and lube in my underwear drawer in my dresser.

What are your television favorites?
Modern Family. I think it’s really funny.

What’s the last movie you saw in a theater?
No Strings Attached. I like Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, they’re adorable together.

What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?
The Wild Thornberrys.

What superhero would you be?
Flash, because I run a lot.

Who’s your greatest influence?
It’s a tie between my mom and dad. My dad is the smartest person that I’ve met and my mom is the most caring. So together, they’re like a superhero in itself.

What’s your greatest fear?
To be unhappy, relationship-wise or job-wise.

Pick three people, living or dead, who you think would make the most fascinating dinner guests imaginable.
Frank Sinatra, James Dean and Nicki Minaj.

What would you serve?
My three favorite foods: pizza, Velveeta Macaroni and Cheese and Nutella, out of the jar.

How would you describe your dream guy?
Someone who knows what he wants, who is happy, tall, dark and handsome and has a great smile.

Define good in bed.
Being open to try new things and just knowing the other person and realizing what they like and what they want.

Who is your favorite musical artist?
I don’t have a favorite artist. I love all kinds of music. My iPod goes from Drowning Pool to Sinatra. I always have it on shuffle.

What’s your favorite website?

Who should star in a movie about your life?
A lot of people tell me I look like Ryan Phillippe.

Who was your first celebrity crush?
Nick Lachey from 98 Degrees.

If your home was burning, what’s the first thing you would grab while leaving?
Photo albums.

What’s your biggest turn-on?

What’s your biggest turn-off?
Cockiness. There’s a fine line between it and confidence.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet tried?
I’d love to skydive over the Great Barrier Reef.

What’s something you’ve tried that you never want to do again?

What position do you want to play in the big baseball game of life?
Mostly, I’m a catcher, but I’m not afraid to step up to the plate if it’s someone I like.

Boxers, briefs or other?

What’s your favorite retail store?
Urban Outfitters.

What’s the most you’ll spend on a haircut?

On a pair of shoes?

What’s your favorite season?
Fall. I love the weather and the color changes and all the holidays start.

What’s your favorite food to splurge with?
Tapas and good Sangria.

What kind of animal would you be?
A tiger, because I like to run but I’m not a cheetah.

What kind of plant would you be?
A Plumeria Tree. It’s the nicest plant I’ve ever seen.

What kind of car would you be?
A 1956 T-bird Convertible. My grandfather had one and I just loved riding in it.

What’s something you want more of?

What are you most grateful for?
My friends and my family. They’re so supportive in what I do and I support them in whatever they want. I can trust them with anything.

What’s your dream job?
I’d love to work for my favorite magazine GQ. It would be awesome to do some kind of marketing for them.

State your life philosophy in 10 words or less.
Eleanor Roosevelt said: ”No one can make you inferior without your consent.”