Metro Weekly

Coverboy: Jason

You might know Jason as the front man of an untitled, all-lesbian band — excluding him of course — that often plays at Phase 1. In addition to music, the 25-year-old has always had an affinity for science, an interest that led Jason to study microbiology at the University of Maryland. Living single, Jason stays involved in the local LGBT community as a supporter of SLDN. He likes to spend his free time playing soccer or dancing to vintage ’70s and ’80s music. ”I go everywhere,” Jason says of D.C.’s gay nightlife scene, ”but usually I have people over and DJ at my own place.”

What’s on your nightstand?
Pictures of my family and stuff.

What’s in your nightstand drawer?
Countless bracelets, necklaces and stuff that I wear. I love accessories.

Condoms and lube?
That’s a secret.

What are your television favorites?
I watch the History Channel, so anything on that.

What’s the last movie you saw in a theater?
God of Love. It was interesting. It took such an old theme, the cupid theme, and updated it. It won an Oscar, and I predicted it.

What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?
The Land Before Time.

What superhero would you be?
Michelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. He was my favorite one.

Who’s your greatest influence?
My mom, my dad and my sister. Combined, they give me all the love and support in the world. What more can a person ask for?

What’s your greatest fear?
Becoming stagnant and not doing anything with my life.

Pick three people, living or dead, who you think would make the most fascinating dinner guests imaginable.
Andy Warhol, Donna Summer and of course, Madonna, because she is such a badass. I think they would get along pretty well.

What would you serve?
Panang Curry. That’s my favorite dish and I think they would like it.

How would you describe your dream guy?
Somebody who is creative and just thinks outside the box and will be supportive of the person I am.

What physical attributes do you look for in a guy?
I’m a definitely a fan of someone who smiles a lot.

Define good in bed.
Someone who can keep up with me.

Who is your favorite musical artist?
This is a hard decision, but Madonna. I love her. Early Madonna, not later shit.

What’s your favorite website?
Public Library of Science,

Who should star in a movie about your life?
Gael García Bernal.

Who was your first celebrity crush?
Vanilla Ice. He was fucking fine.

If your home was burning, what’s the first thing you would grab while leaving?
My laptop.

What’s your biggest turn-on?
Somebody who makes me laugh.

What’s your biggest turn-off?

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet tried?
Swim with dolphins. That sounds awesome. I want to ride a dolphin.

What’s something you’ve tried that you never want to do again?
Tequila shots. I hate them, they’re disgusting and they make me sick.

What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?
In an uncomfortable tent, while it was raining.

What position do you play in the big baseball game of life?
I play both catcher and pitcher.

Boxers, briefs or other?
Depends on the day. If it’s hot outside I’m not wearing anything baby. And if it’s cold I’m wearing a lot.

What’s your favorite retail store?

What’s the most you’ll spend on a haircut?
Nothing, because my sister does it.

On a pair of shoes?
I’ll spend anything if I really like the shoe. The most I’ve spent is $200.

What’s your favorite season?
Spring, because it’s bright and colorful and fun and there’s so much to do.

What’s your favorite food to splurge with?
Korean food, because it’s delish.

What kind of animal would you be?
A capuchin monkey. I’m kind of crazy and I like to have fun.

What kind of plant would you be?
An orchid. They’re rare and really colorful and bring a lot of happiness to people.

What kind of car would you be?
A Corvette, because they’re so stylish, fun and fast.

What’s something you want more of?
Time with my family.

What are you most grateful for?
My family for sure. They’re so supportive and I don’t know where I would be in life without them.

What’s your dream job?
The most well-known astrophysicist.

State your life philosophy in 10 words or less.
True knowledge is knowledge of one’s own ignorance.