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Our 7 Favourite Signs from the Equality March

Donald Trump, Grindr and an incredible Mary Poppins reference -- enjoy these highlights from Sunday's Equality March

Sunday’s Equality March saw thousands of LGBTQ people and allies taking to the streets of D.C. to demand visibility, respect, and equal treatment under the law.

However, it also showed the wit, humor and creativity of those who took part, with a myriad of signs, t-shirts, banners and slogans offering calls to arms, shouts of protest and more than one reference to President Trump.

We’ll have a full album of photos from the Equality March in this Thursday’s edition of Metro Weekly, as well as online, but in the meantime, here are some of the best signs we saw on Sunday. Those that made us laugh, made us gasp, or just made us smile.

And if you want to learn more about the Equality March and what sparked the most visible LGBTQ demonstration in recent memory, head over to our interview with its founder.

Arguably the winner of the day was this Mary Poppins-inspired masterpiece:

This amazing sign held a secret…

…it flipped over to reveal a great reference:

We learned that Vice President Mike Pence is pretty picky:

While Trump just can’t escape that Twitter typo…

Others were a little more blunt in their assessment of Trump’s presidency:

Not only are both men sporting fabulous outfits, we love the presidential makeover:

And finally, this is a movement we can definitely get behind. Or in front of. Or any position, really…

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