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Star Dreck

A bloated, buggy, badly designed experience, ''Star Trek'' the game is a shameful failure

Star Trek is one of America's greatest exports. Revered by millions worldwide, the sci-fi pop-culture phenomenon has dazzled fans for 50 years -- and with good reason. From the original series with its automatic doors, turbo lifts and transporters, to the Next Generation, which gave us the concept of handheld computers long before Apple made them a commercial viability, Star Trek has inspired something within those who enjoy it. >The escapism, the idealism, the glimpses of technology beyond our reach, ... [Read]

Infinite Joy

''Bioshock Infinite'' isn't just a great game, it's one of the great games. You can't call yourself a true gamer until you experience it.

Bioshock Infinite carries a great deal of hype on its shoulders. The original Bioshock is revered as one of the greatest games of this generation, an example of games as a medium not only for incredible storytelling, but as interactive art. But to judge Bioshock Infinite in comparison is a cruel belittlement of its genius. It's not merely a sequel -- though, strictly speaking, it isn't that either -- it's a new game, a new experience, that merely draws inspiration ... [Read]

Lara's Triumphant Return: Tomb Raider Review

''Tomb Raider'' combines gameplay, story, graphics, sound and characterization into one heady, engrossing adventure

When it came time to actually sit down and play Tomb Raider, the latest entry in the renowned franchise that has spanned three console generations and garnered millions of fans, I did so with more than a little skepticism. Could Crystal Dynamics, who took over the reins to Tomb Raider in 2006, successfully reboot the iconic Lara Croft? Could they deliver a game that satisfies and delights in the same way the originals did back in the days of the ... [Read]

Urban Playground: SimCity Review

''SimCity'' is a rain-soaked parade of misjudged features, quirky design elements, and moments of gleaming brilliance

Forget the launch debacle, which has cast a dark cloud of incompetency over Electronic Arts, SimCity is a great game. EA's server woes, and subsequent upgrading issues, have been widely reported, and in the process have damaged the reputation of one of gaming's most ubiquitous franchises. However, SimCity is not without its own design flaws, and what could have been an incredible return for the venerable social-simulation powerhouse, has instead turned into a rain-soaked parade of misjudged features, quirky design ... [Read]

Dishonor Above All

The genre-blending ''Dishonored'' delivers an exhilarating experience with all the makings of an instant classic

In a world dominated by tightly scripted first-person shooters, rigidly focused platformers and set-piece sandbox games, boundaries are a frequent occurrence and annoyance for the modern gamer. Arkane Studios clearly agrees, and has created a game free of the traditional boundaries and gameplay hallmarks gamers have become accustomed to, one that delivers a refreshingly exhilarating experience with all the makings of an instant classic. I speak, of course, of Dishonored. A difficult game to pigeonhole, Dishonored is in parts a ... [Read]

Review: 'Persona 4 Arena'

P4A's mashup of role-playing and street brawler is a combination that's surprisingly entertaining and challenging

Genre-mashups aren't exactly a new thing in video games. Developers, just as movie directors and novelists do, will cheerfully borrow any idea that injects new gameplay experiences into a long-running series. But while mashups aren't a new idea, such Frankensteinian creations are rarely as complete — or as successful — as the combination fighting and role-playing game Persona 4 Arena. For casual American gamers, role-playing games are defined mostly as top-tier titles such as Final Fantasy (itself a series that ... [Read]

Having a Hellish Time, Wish You Were Here

''Diablo III'' is a wildly addictive dungeon crawler that pits you against the forces of hell, whether on your own or with a group of friends

It's not that bad going to hell. In fact, it's a hell of a lot of fun, especially when you get to kill demons. Lots and lots of demons, plus spitting zombies, monstrous insects and corrupted angels. Welcome to the world of Diablo III, where a little thing like death never gets you down. Twelve years in the waiting — Diablo II was a massive hit in the early 2000s and has maintained a loyal playerbase to this day — ... [Read]

Express Yourself

Videogames slowly make it easier to be gay in a virtual world

It's not always easy being gay, in the real world or the virtual. But while progress in the everyday world of work, society and relationships has given us the chance to lead our lives as openly -- or flamboyantly -- as we want, our comparative lives in videogames can remain rather staid and, unsurprisingly, straight. 'Fable 2' is a rare game that makes being gay a natural part of a gaming world. While gaming has grown as a mass-media entertainment, ... [Read]

Let It Bleed

'Dead Space' fits the Halloween mood with space-based scares, while 'Fallout 3' provides a close-to-home fright

Scary movies, spooky stories, chilling tales -- Halloween is a time to settle in for a good fright that comes from a horror movie or novel. But right now some of the freshest scares you'll find come from your Playstation and Xbox. Horror in gaming isn't new -- despite being undermined by far inferior movie versions, the Resident Evil and Silent Hill games showed that a cinematic style could create plenty of jump-off-the-couch moments. But the just-released Dead Space takes ... [Read]

Paper Cuts

Amazon's Kindle may change the shape of your personal library

As technological advances go, the basic book has had a long and distinguished run. It spurred the exchange and preservation of knowledge among individuals and cultures. It is eminently portable and requires no source of power. Governments have burned them, revolutions revered them and bookworms cherished them. They won't easily fold in the face of new technology. Amazon Kindle The idea of an electronic book is nothing new, but while different companies have attempted it, Amazon's Kindle may have established ... [Read]

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