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Holiday Housing

Avoid holiday-travel headaches with an early plan for pet care

With Thanksgiving and the winter holidays upon us, it's time for many to travel over the river and through the woods. And for those with pets, travel schedules can become a huge headache. Taking a pet along for the ride can be expensive by air, prohibited by rail, and cumbersome by car. Besides, does Mister Pugly really want to be dragged to your sister's house in Tempe? Does your sister even love Mister Pugly half as much as you do? ... [Read]

Two For One

A magic number for some, 3 brings a world of challenges in a triad relationship

Polyamory. Threeples. Triads. Whatever the terminology, there's a chance you've come across three people sharing a relationship both domestic and romantic. With the GLBT community less confined by convention, it may even be more common among gay trendsetters – though not a monopoly, of course. Try renting 1982's Summer Lovers for the romanticized, hetero take on tripling. But don't be fooled into thinking a triad is nothing but a halcyon holiday in the Aegean. ''Just coordinating our calendars is a ... [Read]

Homes for Hounds

If you want a dog, you can bet there's a dog that wants you

Dogs are not allowed in the house. That's a motto Tim Williams had to accept growing up in his parent's home in Southeast Georgia. ''My mom used to always tell me, 'When you get a house of your own, you can keep your animals in the house.' And that's exactly what we do.'' During the past five years, Williams, 44, and his partner of the past 18 years, Michael Broadston, 45, have fostered more than 20 pets in their home ... [Read]

Proud Parents

Gay parents-in-waiting have many options for adoption and fostering

In some places around the country, gay and lesbian people are still banned from adopting children. Likely in those same areas -- and well beyond -- a copy of Heather Has Two Mommies on a library bookshelf can make town elders apoplectic. Fortunately, Washington is not one of those places. And for gay Washingtonians with thoughts of opening their homes and hearts to family additions via adoption or fostering, there's no time like the present. May is National Foster Care ... [Read]

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