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Bottom Buddy

It's definitely not your father's condom, but female condoms may be some gay men's new best friend

When talking to groups as an advocate of safe sex, José Ramirez often gets puzzled looks from guys when he suggests they use a female condom as protection from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) during anal sex. In spite of its womanly name, Ramirez tells gay men that the receptive partner can insert the female condom in his rectum before anal sex. Typically, a woman fits the condom made of synthetic rubber in her vagina to avoid STIs ... [Read]

Lube Alarm

A recent study raises the red flag regarding the safety of lube, but condoms quell the controversy

While working the night shift at the Pleasure Place near Dupont Circle, Janea Kelly often fields questions from customers regarding the small shelf of lubricants offered at this ''erotic boutique.'' ''Safety is not always people's first choice,'' Kelly, the night manager, says with a seemingly nervous chuckle. ''It's what feels good.'' But if you heed the recent research from some experts in HIV prevention, customers may want to pay more attention to the potential harm lubricants can cause. Maybe. In ... [Read]

Rating Rubbers

Three new condoms get mixed-bag results from volunteer testers

Rubber. Love glove. Sheath. Condom. Whatever you call it, the reliable prophylactic is arguably the simplest tool in the human-sexuality toolbox. For hundreds of years, clever craftspeople have been finding ways to cover the penis as a method of birth control and protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). And the innovation shows no signs of slowing. Among the latest offerings are the Durex ''Bare'' condom and the Lifestyles ''Skyn'' condom. Both are made from the latest material to be drafted ... [Read]

Make Me a Match

GLOE debuts same-sex speed dating in D.C. for Jewish singles and their admirers

Find something cute to wear. Pick a place to go. Make sure your teeth are clean and you smell wonderful. Get a haircut. When you think about it, there's an awful lot that can go into making a good impression on a first date. So why waste all that effort on just one person? If you're Jewish by any definition, or just enjoy Jewish culture, you're in luck. On Saturday, Jan. 31, the D.C. Jewish Community Center's Kurlander Program for ... [Read]

Balance and Boundaries

Trust is a key for couples dealing with infidelity

Aside from death, infidelity may be the most heart-wrenching of couples' calamities. Every human art form -- from poetry to pop songs -- has tackled the topic ad infinitum. And most adults, gay or otherwise, can likely conjure a fairly strong memory of the pain of discovering such a betrayal, or the guilt from committing one. All in all, it's a situation most would like to avoid, yet one that is woefully routine. ''It's distressingly common,'' says Michael Radkowsky, a ... [Read]

No Tricky Fixes

After 'bed death,' there is hope of resurrection

It's hard to miss those advertisements. ''Helping Couples Have Hotter Sex Since 1997.'' That's the claim made by Michael Radkowsky, a licensed psychologist in D.C. Depending, however, on your proclivities, it may not necessarily be the advice you want to hear. ''You really have to have the intention to keep or rekindle the romance and affection in your relationship,'' Radkowsky says. ''It takes work to keep the romance alive in your relationship.'' Mindy R. Jacobs, also a licensed psychologist in ... [Read]

Union Label

With booths and banners, Pride narrows the hunt for dates or mates

Dating in D.C. can be an onerous enterprise for single GLB or T Washingtonians. It's not that there's lack of people to choose from, but it's the hunt that can be tricky. The bars, while often hopping, don't necessarily tell you much about the patrons. That guy at Remingtons may prefer speed metal to Dolly, but happens to live around the corner. That hot girl at Phase 1 might just be a progressive straight woman, out with her roommate. Or ... [Read]

Return on Investment

DC-area shops for a sexy Valentine's Day

While so many single people meet St. Valentine's Day with a collective yawn, there are likely quite a few couples who feel similarly. With the holiday season barely ended, who needs yet another occasion requiring gifts, dinner reservations, or any effort whatsoever? On the other hand, how many other holidays imply sex? It would seem wasteful for couples not to take advantage of the one day every year when society oozes romance. And while romance takes so many forms, from ... [Read]

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