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Curaçao Now

Newly independent island welcomes gay travelers with Dutch-inspired diversity

When I told friends I was going to be visiting Curaçao for a few days, it never failed that I received one of two responses. Among the small number familiar with Curaçao, there was immediate excitement and expressions of congratulations, followed by a long list of ''must see'' recommendations. And, in a few cases, there was a discernable spot of envy. On the flip side, most people responded with, ''Where is that?'' So, for those unaware of Curaçao, I gave ... [Read]

Paris by the Hours

A layover in Paris is a perfect chance for a vacation in your vacation

So you're about to embark on an amazing international vacation, with all your plans set – except for that extended layover in Paris, which is not at all uncommon if you're flying Air France or Delta. Afraid you'll be spending all those hours in the airport? Fear no more. Here's how to make the most of your brief time in the ''City of Lights.'' For a four-hour layover, spend some time at a local café where the casual atmosphere has ... [Read]

Welcoming West Hollywood

As one of the pinkest cities in America, WeHo pampers its gay guests

Having to be away from your home on your birthday is hard enough. Having it happen when you are getting ready to turn 40 is really rough. Luckily for me, however, some work took me to one of the best cities in the United States to simply let loose and enjoy: West Hollywood, Calif. While ''WeHo'' was once an unincorporated part of Los Angeles County at the foot of the Hollywood Hills just to the west of downtown L.A., an ... [Read]

Divine Desert

What Santa Fe lacks in revelry, it more than makes up for with art, history, culture and calm

Like a fine cheese or wine, some things simply get better with age. This certainly seems to be the case for Santa Fe, as the capital of New Mexico celebrates its 400th anniversary. Throughout its history, Santa Fe has been a destination for those on a quest -- from Spanish conquistadores seeking new land to artists seeking inspiration to gays seeking acceptance. Today, Santa Fe trails only San Francisco among U.S. metro areas in the percentage of households headed by ... [Read]

Dutch Treat

When weather turns wintery, Amsterdam offers gay travelers culture and hedonism at a discount

When you close your eyes at work for a wee respite of daydreaming this season, chances are you're more likely to envision yourself soaking up rays on a tropical beach than in some noisy metropolis. But if the metropolis is Amsterdam, the palm trees have met their match. Amsterdam Though possibly the most gay-friendly destination in the world, the fact that the Dutch employ the euro to pay the bills makes the city a pricier adventure than most non-European destinations. ... [Read]

Powder Power

Gay ski weeks are a winter wonderland of speed and fun

Chadwick Cipiti is an addict, trapped by the relentless grip of that wicked white powder... snow. ''I started skiing at the same time I started to walk,'' said Cipiti, 36, a website developer in D.C. and self-described very advanced snow junkie. (Photo by Courtesy of Chad Cipiti) In 2001, Cipiti attended his first gay ski event in Aspen and was hooked. He now makes a point of doing at least one big gay trip each year, rotating between Aspen's and ... [Read]

Doing the Desert

Palm Springs offers a gay oasis, particularly in the milder months

From the moment I first stepped off the plane in 2004, Palm Springs had me hooked. I return each year, discovering new reasons to go back each trip.  One of my first memories is of being in awe of the San Jacinto Mountains rising abruptly from the desert. The mountains, often topped with snow well into the warmer months of the year, are visible from nearly every part of the city. Palm Springs Once an escape for Hollywood's old guard ... [Read]

Westward Ho

The ''Gateway City'' offers an abundantly gay and cosmopolitan culture

In his book, 50 Fabulous Gay-Friendly Places to Live, Gregory Kompes included St. Louis among the cities that made the cut. If you think that might mean the city is also a good place for gays to visit, you'd be right. Commonly known as the ''Gateway City,'' St. Louis has a rich history as the launching point for the westward expansion of the United States. Today it is a vibrant, urban metropolis that celebrates diversity and offers visitors a wealth ... [Read]

Big Apple Buses

Many locals choose wheels over wings or rails to hit New York

As locals continue to make the trek to New York in droves, bus lines appear to be grabbing an ever-larger portion of the pilgrimage. In the years since the Chinatown bus company Eastern Travel began offering a cheaper alternative to Amtrak and Greyhound, multiple bus companies have popped up to shuttle a diverse crowd from one metropolis to another. The competing lines, such as DC2NY, Megabus and Bolt Bus, offer various amenities like free drinks and wireless Internet in addition ... [Read]

North and South Neighbors

Nearby Baltimore and Richmond are winners in cost and convenience

We all know the type: the person who will travel the world to experience new things, but fails to take advantage of what is available in his or her own backyard. Heck, we are all probably guilty of it to some degree. That said, I have two words for you: Baltimore and Richmond. Baltimore is just about an hour drive from the Washington area, and Richmond is just about two. For less than a tank of gas, or for the ... [Read]

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