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Rich bitch

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August 29, 2007 9:41 PM |

Thumbnail image for NAC_GEN_web_6.jpgThe Leona saga continues, even in death. All Hearsay can say is: A bitch in life. A bitch in death. And one very rich bitch remains. Trouble, indeed.

Lost Horizon

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August 28, 2007 6:05 PM |

250187_rt.jpgOne day, Hearsay will draw up a list of all its favorite TV shows for you. But right this very minute, all you need to know is that Hearsay is a Lost fanatic. Hence, the breaking news from Entertainment Weekly that Jeff Fahey was joining the cast next season got Hearsay moist in all the right places. He's creepy yet cute. And not just Hearsay -- apparently Damon Lindeloff, a self-proclaimed "non-gay man," has a thing for Jeff, as well. Well, and who wouldn't?....

Megilla Guerilla

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August 23, 2007 9:49 PM |

2007-04-12_853_21973.jpgGet your straight on, people! Hearsay has gotten word from its chief informant Sweetie Tweetie Bird that the next Guerilla Queer Bar DC -- you know, that fun and frisky pasttime in which a flock of gays descend mightily upon an unsuspecting straight bar and show those dance-challenged dullards the the real meaning of Christmas? -- is occuring this Friday night, August 24 at 9 p.m. The location? The relatively new Grand Central Club, at 2447 18th Street NW, in Adams Morgan.

GQBDC notes in its top (yeah, right) secret missive to its uber-GLBT following that Grand Central Club's "posted dress code is odd, so watch your gender variance and hyper-queer fashion sensibility. We don't want anyone to get stuck outside. Examples: No sleeveless shirts. No athletic wear. No construction shoes. [...Guess that leaves out Kathleen "Militarily Minded" DeBold...] You might need to hit the thrift stores before you come and look as straight and boring as possible 'til you get in the door. Then you can let loose."2007-04-12_853_21956.jpg

The good folks at GQBDC also note that if you wanna be part of the fun and avoid the line, arrive early.

And for those of you unfamiliar with this gang of assorted queer rabblerousers and hard-partying miscreants, founded and organized by Karl "The Lady is a Tramp" Jones, Amy "Sparkle Toes" Mulry and Chris "From a Gallop to a" Trott, Hearsay points you in the direction of our Scene section, where you'll find 50 savory pix from the April 6, 2007 GQBDC at the Black Cat, a few of which Hearsay has included here just to brighten the page. Ain't that sweet of Hearsay?....

Money Pit

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August 23, 2007 7:13 PM |

NAC_GEN_web_6.jpgHearsay was no fan of the reportedly homophobic Queen of Mean, and its jaw dropped when it read that hotel magnate Leona "Pillow Mints" Helmsley, who died Monday at age 87, would be laid to rest "in a mausoleum worth $1.4 million -- more than the average Manhattan apartment."

Reports Daniel Trotta of Reuters:

"She will be entombed at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery north of New York City where more than 40,000 people including captains of industry and common immigrants are buried, said Phil Zegarelli, the mayor of Sleepy Hollow, population 10,000.

The wooded hillside with river views is the final resting home of industrialists such as Andrew Carnegie and Walter Chrysler as well as labor leader Samuel Gompers and writer Washington Irving, author of 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.'"

One thing's for certain -- if the Headless Horseman comes trotting by, Leona's ghost will scare him off....

A Paramount Birthday

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August 21, 2007 6:07 PM |

Hearsay wants to take a moment and wish a very special lady a very Happy Birthday. Her name is Annie, and she's Paramount. (Not to mention extremely youthful for her 80 years!)

On August 20, there was a party for Annie at her namesake restaurant, a steakhouse that offers quality, value and good, down-to-earth cooking. Not to mention jumbo martinis! This week's issue will feature more Scene from Monday's event, but Hearsay, wily little creature that it is, has snagged a few outtakes for your viewing pleasure, including one of Hearsay's favorite waiter, Mano, giving MIss Annie a smoocheroo.

(And FYI, throughout the remainder of August, Annie's is offering a special -- get a free slice of birthday cake with any entree. So go on, get your sugar on!)

Annies 1.jpgAnnies2.jpgAnnies3.jpg

Hello, World!

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August 20, 2007 3:58 PM |



Yes, one could say that header is a shameless steal from Apple Computers, and one would be absolutely, 100% correct. That's because when Hearsay was informed by its editors that it was being transplanted from the world of newsprint, where for 13 years (give or take a year or two), it held court in Metro Weekly's pages, and into the world of bits and bytes, Hearsay felt like it needed some kind of formal "techie" introduction.

Make no mistake, however: Hearsay is not a geek. It does not aspire to geekdom. It does not want to own an iPhone (but its friend and blogging compatriot, Sean "Boombox" Bugg, does -- and he loooooves it). Hearsay does not care to know the difference between HTML, PHP and PMS, unless one is talking about acronyms for those cute little pink tablets that Hearsay takes to make itself feel extra special. No, Hearsay aspires to one thing and one thing alone: Ferreting out the best D.C. GLBT Nightlife has to offer and ferrying you, Dear Reader, towards said Nightlife destinations. Toot toot! Hearsay will almost certainly find other purposes in blogdom as it ventures into this world wide webby wilderness, but that will come with time.

Fear not, Hearsay will still appear in Metro Weekly magazine from time to time. After all, that long hard work laying out the sizzling and sexy new look for the column must not go to waste. (Hearsay paid good money for its new logo, and Hearsay plans to get it used.) But you can (and should) check back here frequently for updates on D.C. life, D.C. loves, D.C. birthdays, D.C. boondoggles and boners, D.C. dupes and dopes. Hearsay will try to do justice to n its own Hearsay-ian kind of way. And for those of you brand spanking new to Hearsay, Hearsay just might post something here and there from its ancient archives, just to get you acclimated to the entity that is Hearsay.

That said, do you have a comment or suggestion for Hearsay? Just want to say "Hi, Hello, How Are Ya?" E-mail Hearsay at Hearsay@metroweekly.com and make sure to include your best recipe for appletinis!