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Tuesdays at Apex Blast Off!

Posted by Hearsay
December 2, 2007 4:14 PM |

Apexdc.jpgA few weeks back Hearsay checked out Blast Off, the new weekly Tuesday night party at Apex, where the legendary nightclub's general manager and newly christened Billboard Reporter DJ Joey "Poptart" O spins electro-pop and hip-hop one week, and Apex's long-standing resident DJ, Randy "Toaster Strudel" White, spins the same the next. It's a practice the pair loosely call "dueling DJs," but you'll just call it loads o' fun. Among those partaking in the party's first night fun were Michael "I'm Here to Work" Snowden, Michael "Now Let Me See You Work" Sasser and Chad "Why You Guys Talking About Work?" Nitsch. All were helped along, as ever, by Apex's friendly bar staff, including "dueling bartenders" Michael "House Is A Feeling" Harrington and Peter "Home Feels Good" Von Streeruwitz. Apex has several other big nights in the works, including a new women's party and something else completely different a-comin' in 2008. Hearsay'll let you know what it is fer sure as soon as it's given the official go-ahead. Stay tuned....