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Leather! Rubber! Fleas! Oh my!

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April 17, 2009 11:30 AM |

Looking for a used jock? Or hand-me-down leather chaps? Well then, has Hearsay got the fleas for you! If you ever needed a reason to justify your passion for second-hand leather and fetish wear, from clothes to sex toys to DVDs to boots, look no further than D.C.'s 7th Annual Leather Flea Market will also feature first-hand goods, meaning new -- for those who like 'em virginal. Hearsay's already saved up its coins for a big, black double-headed dildo -- who's up for a ride of see-saw?

Defenders LLC is the sponsor of this "traditional flea market with a kink," where vendors and representatives will include Steve Leather, Body Worksman, Boundboyz, Mr. Capital Leather Pride and DC Rubberman. Assorted other leather and BDSM clubs you know and love will also be on hand for this event, benefitting Brother Help Thyself. It's all set for tomorrow, Saturday, April 18, from noon to 5 p.m. at Remington's, 639 Pennsylvania Avenue SE. A $2 donation is requested at the door...

Apex gives Beyonce the tribute treatment

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April 16, 2009 6:34 PM |
beyonce.jpgEvery night in gay clubland, you'll hear at least a Beyonce tune or three. But this Friday, April 17, at Apex, you'll hear a lot more than that. Following in the same fashion as the club's Britney-themed party a couple months ago, the club is now ready to pay tribute to Mrs. Jay-Z. It won't actually be all-Beyonce, all-night, but DJ Timothy "That's How I Spell It" Mykael promises it will be mostly tracks from the Naughty Girl. Mykael will spin through old and new remixes from the Knowles collection, including from her early days in Destiny's Child. As he put it to Hearsay in a dazzling medley of her hit titles: "All the single ladies should polish their halo and be prepared to ring the alarm, 'cause it's time to work it out until the end of time with the fabulous diva!" Oh, oh, he knows his stuff! And also, that sounds like a mighty long party! Though technically, the latest you can work it out in the club is 4 a.m. What you do after that is up to you and your bootylicious baby boy. Ain't titular wordplay fun? It sure pays Hearsay's bills, bills, bills....

Hey, Big Bidder

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April 14, 2009 5:25 PM |

While a load of Republicans may have left town with the political reversal of fortune, plenty are headed to D.C. this weekend, April 16 to 19, for a GOP, or Gay Over-the-top (ahem) Party. While most of the goings on are reserved for attendees of the 2009 Log Cabin Republicans National Convention & Liberty Education Forum Symposium, centered at the Westin City Center off Thomas Circle, everybody can get in on the fun Thursday, April 16.

That night, at Nellie's Sports Bar, 900 U St. NW, the D.C. chapter of LCR is presenting an event that's bound to redefine the phrase "big tent." It's time for a beefy bachelor auction to benefit Capital Pride. With Lena "Of Course I'll" Lett "You" serving as emcee, you'll probably even get a chance to press the flesh and kick the tires before submitting your bid.

Plan to spend big, as the seven studs the LCR has lined up are collectively one hell of a stimulus package. But don’t take Hearsay's word for it. Have a look for yourself.

And don't be late! The auction starts at 9:30 p.m. Rumor has it that opening bids will be in the $50 to $75 ballpark, but some of the guys have already secured pledges in the $250 range, so be prepared to pony up.

Do You Want to Be a Supermodel?

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April 14, 2009 5:22 PM |
The following just came across Hearsay's transom, also known as an iPhone. Hearsay, being in a sharing mood, thought it would share the request with the model-aspiring masses:

Team DC is taking applications for men to model clothing from Universal Gear, The Leather Rack, Skiviez Underwear, Caramel, and ENVY in their Fashion Show and Model Search on Saturday, April 25 and will once again be held at Town Nightclub. Fashions will include clubwear, swimsuits, leather/fetish wear, and underwear, but no nudity.

The Winning Model receives:

$500 in cash or gift certificates to Universal Gear or the Leather Rack.

A professional photoshoot (Headshot and three other looks) with Robert Mercer Photography.

A chance to be featured in the 2010 Ripped Genes calendar....a nationally distributed calendar.

Proceeds from the event help support the Team DC College Scholarship Program for a gay or lesbian student-athlete graduating from high school. To learn more about the Scholarship Program, go to www.teamdc.org.

The deadline to submit an application is Friday, April 17! To be considered, please submit the following statistics by no later than Friday, April 17, to president@teamdc.org:

Full Name:











Shoe size:

Previous Modeling Experience?:


JR.'s, Now Serving "Milk"

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April 9, 2009 1:33 PM |
Dustin Lance Black.jpg

If you could ask one question of Dustin Lance "A Lot" Black, this year’s Oscar Winner for Best Original Screenplay for Milk, what would it be? Would it be "Has anyone ever told you you’re hot?

That’s not the question David “April Fuel” Perruzza actually asked Black, when he was at Perruzza’s watering hole, JR.'s on Sunday night, April 7. Instead, the JR.’s bar-slinger took a more subtle approach.

Is it really as heavy as they say it is?”

“It” being the naked gold statute, of course.

Why yes, yes it is, came the reply from the screenwriter, who is quickly becoming the “It” gay filmmaker. Maybe you caught his touching documentary about Pedro Zamora, the late Real World star, which just aired on LOGO last week. Maybe you saw him in the April issue of Details, devoted to “Mavericks” – and no, not the Sarah “Wasilliness” Palin kind. Those who have real influence on society.

Now, he’s in the early stages of his next project, which is what brings him to town. He's researching his next film. But Black is mum on the subject, and Hearsay couldn't pry it out of him.

Still, Hearsay will keep trying, as Black will likely be at JR.'s again (he's good friends with several of the regulars). Hearsay’s ready with its next question for the young screenwriting buck: “Want to see the boudoir? You know, for research purposes?”


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April 5, 2009 8:58 AM |
Regina Seacrust.jpgGlamour has a new name in Washington: ReGina Seacrust. The ultra-vixen in the red dress launched Cobalt's new weekly Karaoke night, and from all accounts reported to Hearsay, she killed. She also sliced her delicate, ladylike knee open, though she really didn't notice this unhappy little fact until the next morning. And that's the kind of showbiz trouper ReGina is. "I put aside all personal pain to entertain," she may (or may not) have told a martini-soused Hearsay. "It's the motto I live by. That, and make sure you always ask the bartender for a triple." So what's the identity of this enchantress with the itty bitty titties and the slightly hairy arms? The answer is in the post's title. Ready, set, deduce...

The Return of Madonnarama

Posted by Hearsay
April 3, 2009 5:56 PM |
Pop music is littered with imitators and wannabe successors to her throne. They may get us hot, show us what they got, but still, all of the girls and all of the boys are begging...Madonna. And today's true Queen of Pop is a single lady once again too -- so Town is throwing Madonnarama tonight, April 4, its once-a-year party to celebrate her royalness. Town's mister of ceremonies Ed "Immaculate Perception" Bailey will spin through her hit confections, and the X-Faction Dancers and Town's Ladies will put on Ciccone-inspired shows.

And if you need a break, go down-Town. DJ "Like a Hare" Wess will spin today's non-Madonna pop hits all night. Doors open at 9 p.m. Cover is $10 from 9 to 11 p.m., $15 after 11 p.m....