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Just like in any decade, there were no shortage of hit cover versions in the '80s. Most of them were obvious - like Billy Idol's #1 remake of "Mony Mony," David Bowie & Mick Jagger doing "Dancing in the Street," or Cheap Trick's hit reworking of "Don't Be Cruel." But there were also a number of huge, iconic 80's singles ... [Read]

Everybody is aware that Neil Young is one of the greatest artists in rock history. Most listeners and casual fans are mostly familiar with his earlier stuff, classic albums like "Harvest," "After the Gold Rush," "Zuma," and "Rust Never Sleeps."  When you hear a Neil Young track on rock radio (probably classic rock radio, to be precise), it's likely to ... [Read]

By the dawn of the 80s, as the MTV generation was about to awaken, Tina Turner was seen as a relic from an earlier generation. Oh, her music and her legendary live performances weren’t forgotten -- the work she did with her husband Ike Turner still resonated -- but it was “oldies” music. The press was more interested in the ... [Read]

There is no question that Lady Gaga has delivered some classic pop singles since she burst onto the scene five years ago with her first #1 single “Just Dance.” She has made her mark on the music industry, and imitators have followed in her wake. She changed the direction of pop music. Her attention-seeking antics, although wearing thin lately, ... [Read]