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  • Alice Russell: Soul Mother

    Alice Russell is weaning her newborn on Aretha -- and her own music

  • Vocal Accords

    Christina Bianco may be a hit impersonating divas, but audiences are just as thrilled with her real voice

  • The Best Music of 2011

      Lady Gaga and Beyoncé both released new albums in 2011. But aside from some great tracks (most notably ''Americano'' and Sheibe'' from Gaga, ''Run...

  • A Diva DVD Christmas

    Who's your favorite pop diva? Well, as long as it's not Madonna or Robyn or Rihanna -- or, God help you, Ke$ha -- chances are,...

  • Soul Fire

    You want a telling sign that Adele Adkins, known by just her first name, has talent to spare, that she's the genuine article? How about...