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  • Painted Lives

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  • Scott G. Brooks

    Scott G. Brooks ''Royally Ducked'' 36'' x 48'' oil on canvas 2007 Broken Eggs. Downtrodden fairy tale figures. Princesses, fairies, carnival sideshows. Amputated stumps. Wide-set...

  • Linas Garsys

    Linas Garsys ''Holiday Takes A Baltimore'' (detail) 36'' x 48'' acrylic on board 2007 Being born in Thailand has nothing to do with Linas Garsys'...

  • Alan Defibaugh

    Alan Defibaugh ''Who Do You Want Me To Be To Make You Sleep With Me?'' 18'' x 20'' giclée print on canvas 2007 There's a...

  • Albert Schweitzer

    Albert Schweitzer ''Quilt Mama'' 16'' x 20'' mixed media on board 2007 Turning 40 just four days before the opening of ''Art in Heat,'' Albert...

  • Margaret Dowell

    Margaret Dowell ''Self-Portrait With Holy Man'' 4' x 6' oil on canvas 2007 Margaret Dowell learned her work ethic early in life, toiling in Maryland...

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