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  • 2012 Coverboy of the Year: Aaron Lee Smith

    Aaron Lee Smith recently shot some hoops with a buddy's 8-year-old son. At least, he attempted to. ''I was trying to dribble, trying to do...

  • Coverboy First Runner-Up: Rich McPherson

    {Rich McPherson (Photo by Julian Vankim)} Rich McPherson tends dance to his own tune. He's got the drive and the discipline, matched by an independent...

  • Coverboy Second Runner-Up: Tim Warguleski

    {Timothy Warguleski (Photo by Julian Vankim)} If you look up the word ''blunt'' in the dictionary, finding a picture of Metro Weekly Coverboy Tim Warguleski,...

  • Sharing Stories

    Amy Saidman got turned off of becoming a standup comic. ''Other comedians are cold and aloof and unfriendly,'' Saidman says, ''telling homophobic jokes to 20...

  • Coverboy of the Year [video]

    Who will be the 2012 Coverboy of the year? Watch our trailer to see who the top three finalists are and then visit or pick up...

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