All posts tagged "genderpac"

  • Punch-Line Politics

    Two transgender rabbis walk into a bar.... Wait, scratch that. Riki Wilchins, among the most prominent voices in America's gender-identity discourse, has taken a new...

  • Back to School

    GenderPAC, the D.C.-based, human-rights organization working to eliminate gender stereotypes, released its 2007 GENIUS Index, tracking efforts in academe to promote awareness of and prohibit...

  • Gender Blender

    ''What is a drag king?'' muses Kendra Kuliga. ''You could say male impersonator, but that's so the tip of the iceberg. I've seen drag kings...

  • Crossing the Lines

    If you work hard enough and long enough at something, then it's not a surprise when you find your efforts succeeding. For Riki Wilchins and...

  • To Your Health

    The first annual lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender health week is currently underway, reminding the LGBT community that its health needs go way beyond ginseng...

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