All posts tagged "helping individual prostitutes survive"

  • Street Wise

    Growing up in suburban Maryland, the most dangerous element in young Cyndee Clay's life may have been going to public school. Hers was a conservative...

  • Leather Heart, Warm Heart

    As the director of development for Charlie's Place at St. Margaret's, local folk-singer favorite Tom Goss has to keep his eye on the dollars that...

  • Officer Arrested

    The off-duty Metropolitan Police Department officer, Kenneth Furr, who allegedly shot two transgender women seated in a car early Friday, Aug. 26, at First and...

  • Helping Hands

    Raising money for Brother Help Thyself's 2009 grant recipients was far from easy. Actually, says JoAnn Kokindo, ''it was horrible.'' Kokindo, president of the community-based...

  • Sex-Worker Soiree

    Different Avenues, a local organization advocating on behalf of young people -- particularly GLBT youth -- affected by homelessness, HIV and violence, released a report...

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