All posts tagged "joseph palacios"

  • Seeing the Light

    In January 1959, only three months into his pontificate, John XXIII called for the convening of Vatican II, which actually opened in October of 1962...

  • Weekend of Awards

    It was a busy weekend for Ron Simmons, president and CEO of Us Helping Us, People Into Living (UHU), the D.C. organization working to improve...

  • Father Figure

    Joseph Palacios is a man of God. He's also a doctor of sociology, a Mexican American, a Fulbright scholar, a presidential appointee on the board...

  • Commissions Calling

    Plenty of people are looking for work during this recession of double-digit unemployment rates. But how many might be looking for unpaid positions? The Presidential...

  • Calling All Priests

    Some times one simply has to say, ''Enough.'' For Phil Attey, that time came in the aftermath of the recent decision by Maine voters to...

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