September 2012 Archives

On Tuesday, Sept. 26, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that would allow self-driving cars on the state's roads. (These trends always start in California, haven't you noticed? First organic alfalfa, now this.) The very notion of a self-driving car personally makes me slightly nervous. Although it tends to give credence to the term "asleep at the ... [Read]

Who doesn't want to be "Liked"? Indeed, the Holy Grail of Facebook is to be "Liked," especially if you have a page -- either one of a personal nature or that of a brand. Well, as in all budding friendships, being truly "Liked" takes time. It takes trust. It takes patience. It takes ... a click, at least in ... [Read]

First off, please note: I'm using iOS 6 on an iPhone 4. There is no "S" on my phone, nor is there a magical number 5. Hence, I don't have flyover. I don't have Siri. I don't have anything that makes me go "Wow!" Still, I'm supposed to have upwards of 200 new features, features that will enhance my ... [Read]

I have owned an iPhone since its second generation. I didn't purchase the inaugural model because I felt it needed time to develop into something genuinely useful, the way can openers did in the early part of the century. I'd like to say that once I did get that second generation iPhone, it forever changed my life. But I ... [Read]