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Lambda Sci-Fi

A Community Profile

Photo credit: Michael Wichita

Mission: Create a community for GLBT science fiction, fantasy and horror fans.

Founded: 1990

Number of Members: Approximately 30

How to Join: Just show up to a meeting and fill out an application or visit the web site to print one out. There is a $10 annual membership fee, which includes an electronic newsletter.

Background: “Sometimes it is harder to come out as a sci-fi fan than it is to come out,” says Michael Cornett, one of the group’s officers. That’s why he was quite surprised when he first came across Lambda Sci-Fi. From watching movies to hosting conventions, Cornett says it’s been a great way to meet friends — “The group has become like family to me.”

Contact: Check out the web site at for more information.

Next Event: Lambda Sci-Fi will host a book discussion on January 22 at 7:30 pm. E-mail for more information.