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D.C. Strokes Rowing Club

A Community Profile

D.C. Strokes members at a recent club practice.

Organizational Mission: The first gay and lesbian rowing club in the U.S., D.C. Strokes is committed to bridging gaps between communities by building an inclusive environment fostering personal growth and promoting the true spirit of sportsmanship.

Year Founded: 1991

Number of Members: 74

Common Activities: Along with racing, D.C. Strokes offers an intensive two-week training session for beginners.

Background: For someone who never had much to do with team sports, it may seem out of character for G. Brian Wilson to serve as the social activities coordinator of the DC Strokes. He has a knee injury to thank. “I needed a training method with a little less impact, and rowing is a perfect full-body, low-impact exercise,” says Wilson, who has been a member for four years and social coordinator for one. “It’s exercise, and a great social network. It’s a great group of guys and girls.” Along with guys and girls, Wilson says the group has attracted both straight and gay, young and old. Both novice rowers and the dedicatedly diehard have made their way to D.C. Strokes.

Contact: For information or to join visit, or e-mail

NEXT EVENT: “Head of the Potomac,” Saturday, Oct. 2. For information, contact the D.C. Strokes.

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