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DC photographer Jeff Code exhibits 'Boyz Uncovered'

For the past decade, Jeff Code has built his reputation as the D.C. area’s premier photographer of the male form. His black and white photographs capture men in settings both bucolic and gritty, and have graced both magazine and book covers. And he weekly graces the pages of Metro Weekly as the photographer behind the lens of Nightlife Coverboy.

Boyz Uncovered showcases work by Washington, DC photographer Jeff Code

His current exhibition, ”Boyz Uncovered,” debuted this month with a selection of prints from the course of his career, as Code went through his entire catalog to find the pieces he calls his favorites.

”This is the first time I’ve been able to reflect on it,” he says of his collection. ”It was like seeing everything for the first time.”

What ties all his work together is that, in addition to showcasing the male form, his photographs also tell the story of his own life.”I try to explain myself through all my work,” he says. ”I’m constantly drawing from my own life situation to bring out images.”

”Boyz Uncovered”’ runs at the Adams National Bank, 1604 17th Street NW, through July 31. A larger selection of prints will be available for viewing at the closing reception on July 29. For more information call 202-277-4192 or e-mail

Editor’s Note: To see Jeff Code’s images, please pick up a copy of Metro Weekly.

Sean Bugg is Editor Emeritus for Metro Weekly.

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