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Horoscopes for Capital Pride Week 2005

Heavenly Round-Up: There’s so much to do and see you’re liable to meet yourself coming and going. Pencil yourself in for time to regroup early on. That way you’ll be able to plan where and when to meet up again. Accept lightness. Embrace frivolity. Get in touch with your inner brat and cherish your desire to wreak a little holy chaos as you reclaim the nation’s capital for all American constituents, regardless of gender identification or partnering practices. In the evening, express yourself more than Madonna. Feel the love, then get out and share it.

Aries: You’ve come a long way to find that the bluebird of happiness was stowed away in your gym bag all the time. Who says the universe doesn’t have a well-developed sense of irony? Throw your own intelligent designs to the wind, and let spontaneity be your Virgil.

Taurus: Take care of the pennies, and the dollars will manage themselves. So long as you keep your plastic sheathed in its protective wallet, you should have no problems managing on your budget. Share the space you’ve already got, the food you’ve already made. Wear pink.

Gemini: Delicacy of mind is shredded in the maelstrom of high-contact encounters. Watch your razor-edged tongue; you wouldn’t like eating your stale and cold words as a future meal of crow and regret. Otherwise, the world is your puppet show. Put your fist anywhere.

Cancer: Torn between duty and desire? Again? What are you, an angst-ridden superhero of the soul? Why, yes. So expose yourself to the mysterious rays of a mineral from your home planet, Corazon. They give you amnesia and a clear conscience in matching rationalizations.

Leo: You’re full of vim, vigor, vitality, vivacity and yourself. Not necessarily in that order. It’s OK: you’ve got it like that all Pride long. Be like the Quakers and Let Your Life Speak. That way you can focus on shaking your mane at all the best ‘do’s in town. Tan religiously Sunday.

Virgo: You can actually use the Force to have fun without having to trade out for a black cloak and a bad bondage mask. Give yourself (written) permission to cut loose and swing from the chandeliers like Errol Flynn. Tights are not optional, but prints are. Share with Pisces.

Libra: If you’re getting farther from your objective the more you try to get closer, take the Alice approach seriously. Turn your back on what you want and march firmly in the opposite direction. You’ll get where you’re going in moments. Think about getting lost with a Gemini.

Scorpio: Whisper your desires to the rushes at the river’s edge. Hold your ambition in the inch-space of your heart. Then shed your customary suits of solemn black and go for the whole rainbow’s worth of immediacy. Amaze your friends, confound your enemies: smile.

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Sagittarius: You’ve done shabby chic ’til hell won’t have it again. Set a fresh trend. Spread quirkiness and ethnic tchotchkes like crabs at a youth hostel. Create a second coming of the fashion of caring about World Peace and the environment. If you build it, they will come.

Capricorn: You’ve seen it all before, but this once you’re absolutely capable of being wholly engaged and utterly open to the experience of the moment. Put your cynicism on an ice flow and tell it ‘buh-bye now’ as you get on with your cake and eat it program minus the baggage.

Aquarius: Snatch up your dusty jester’s cap. Throw on your worn-but-vibrant tie-dyes. Load yourself down with Mardi Gras beads and rainbow insignia. You haven’t made a Fool of your self. You’re only expressing your inner Innocent. Spend your fresh virginity with impunity.

Pisces: There’s no resisting the high tide of passion and joy. The emotional surf is all the way up and you’re the master of the Tubes of the heart. Show your dexterity, your balance, your skill to anyone with the nerve to ask. Wherever you dance with abandon, that’s your home.

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