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Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend 2006

Scott Harris chosen to be Mr. MAL 2006, plus over 250 event photos

For the second year in a row, Rehoboth’s Double L Bar has launched a leather legend, as judges selected Scott Harris to serve as Mr. MAL 2006. Harris came to the contest with the title Mr. Double L Leather 2005. Outgoing Mr. MAL 2005, Steve Ranger, had also been honored with the Double L title in 2004.

In a field of nine contestants, other winners were First Runner-Up Clay Angus (Mr. Cleveland Leather 2005) and Second Runner-Up Tom Savage (Mr. New Jersey Leather 2006). The Brotherhood Award went to Scott Garmany (Mr. Baltimore Eagle 2005).

Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend 2006: Excluive photos
First Runner-Up Clay Angus, Mr. MAL 2006 Scott Harris, Second Runner-Up Tom Savage and Brotherhood Award winner Scott Garmany.
Photograph by Ward Morrison

Contestants were judged on information gleaned from offstage interviews with judges, a formal leather category, a jock-strap category, as well as attitude and personality. Unlike years past, the event, held Sunday, Jan. 15, at Almas Temple on K Street NW, did not include a Mid-Atlantic Boot Black contest due to logistical constraints. About 1,200 people attended the contest.

”I thought they were all great guys,” said Glenn Mlaker, who stepped down as president of the Centaur MC, sponsor of MAL Weekend. Mlaker said the announcement of the winners is the highlight of the weekend for him, as it marks the end of the annual event, and a chance for him to assess the job the Centaurs and allies have done. ”It was a very successful run this year,” he said. “Everything went as planned, amazingly.”

During the course of weekend the Centaurs voted to extend membership to Ranger, which he accepted. Added Mlaker: ”He did an excellent job this year as Mr. MAL 2005.”

Mr. MAL 2006

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