Metro Weekly


August 23-29, 2007

Heavenly Round-Up: That trash talk was bound to catch up with you one day. You need to put your skills into action to make good on those oral promissory notes. Keep the faith. Guard your honor. Protect the weak. Yes, you’re playing ”knight in shining armor. Yes, you’re expected to keep a straight face whilst clanking around in all that unwieldy metal casing. Yes, you’ll be in the coveted sunset close-up as the credits roll. Purge your support systems of impurities. Don’t toss the baby with the bath water.

Aries: You’re the tops, you’re the Himalayas. No really, think of yourself as possessing an innate, breathtaking grandeur. You have a strong presence. Use it to maximize your effect on others. You’ll sweep the opposition before you, like the juggernaut in her car. Wear coral.

Taurus: You’re not usually one to get caught up in the hullabaloo, but here’s your chance. If you can’t avoid the concatenation of events, join the gathering early and have a say in what happens next. You’ll enjoy yourself more if you don’t rise to bait, no matter how alluring.

Gemini: It’s not your turn to back down or step away. You’re usually so accommodating that this stance may take many by surprise. Stick to your guns, you’ve got the high-ground and it’s well worth defending. Use your moral compass to locate your next strategic relocation.

Cancer: You’ve put more into this than you’re willing to admit to yourself. Isn’t it funny that those around you already know what you’re trying so gallantly to hide? Come out, speak your piece, call it good. There’s difficulty in honesty, but no shame. Wear pearls for inner peace.

Leo: You’re glowing with the effort. You’re becoming aware that your intensive energy out-puts have a limit. Finitude approaches—and when she closes with you, you’ll have to make some hard choices about where you put your juice and for how long. Inspire the masses.

Virgo: You’ve been under a heapin’ helpin’ of way more than you bargained for all summer. Suddenly, you find you’re gaining a little momentum at long last. Could this be a side effect of having made it over the hump of the business at hand? Cut yourself some slack on Friday.

Libra: It’s not a competition, but you’re not resigned to taking second place all the same. You will try your hardest. You will do your best. You will give one hundred and ten percent. You will be remembered for these efforts, eventually. Plan a more restful break next time.

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Scorpio: It’s funny how this really isn’t your scene, your fault, or even your baby. One way or the other, you’ve become a spectator. Take advantage of the opportunity: sit in different chairs; discuss inconsequential matters; acquaint yourself with the insignificant. Relax now.

Sagittarius: Woo-hoo! Will this joy ride never end? THe thrills, chills and spills are built in. If you’d wanted something simple, peaceful and laid-back you wouldn’t have made this choice in the first place. Get into the spirit of things. Help old ladies cross the street.

Capricorn: You’ve seen it all. You’re world-weary and feel every inch that you’ve traveled. And yet, there’s more than one thing that’s new under the sun. You’ll find that you’re allotted a different POV than is usual and customary. You’ll find yourself surprised, perhaps amazed.

Aquarius: No, it’s not on you. No, you were nearby when it happened; but you in no way by your actions, or your inactions, were the cause of this. You can still be a part of the solution, but that would have to be of your own volition. Picking up the pieces reframes the pattern.

Pisces: Is this what you wanted? The timing is all wrong, but then you weren’t sure what you were asking for when you made your order—can it be hugely startling that this desire has some inconvenient unintended consequences? Live your reality with gentle conviction. Dance.