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Free screening of 'Tweakers' organized by DC Crystal Meth Working Group

Tweakers, a movie born of collaboration by two members of the West Hollywood Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board, Jimmy Palmieri and Sue Sexton, hoping to make a contribution in the fight against crystal methamphetamine addiction, will be making two screenings in D.C. this month.

The first screening, sponsored by the D.C. Crystal Meth Working Group, affiliated with The Center, metro Washington’s GLBT community center, will be Thursday, May 8, at Landmark’s E Street Cinema, on E Street NW between 10th and 11th Streets. This free screening, which begins at 7 p.m., will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Palmieri, who directed the film.

The second screening, Sunday, May 11, is part of the 12th Annual International Conference of Gay and Lesbian Criminal Justice Professionals, May 10 to 15, in the District. While this second screening is not open to the public, Scott Gunn, president of the Mid-Atlantic Gay [Police] Officers Action League, says he may participate on the May 8 panel.

The film, which is based on true stories of meth addicts, their friends and families, is Palmieri’s directorial debut. To promote the film and to further the fight against meth addiction, he and others have created The Tweakers Project. According to a statement on the group’s Web site: ”We at the The Tweakers Project emphasize the importance of this film being shown in every rehab and educational institute in order to warn ‘future users’ and those in recovery of the dangers of crystal meth. … We offer no advice, no judgment and no preaching. We only hope that every person touched by crystal meth sees a light at the end of their tunnel.”

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From YouTube: Tweakers (Trailer)